... C'mon, Preggar

I don't know if it's from toting around this extra 20lbs I've put on since January or that I'm scared to disturb my growing belly, but I'm really slowing down this week. My feet and back get sore and stiff when I stand for more than 20 minutes. How in the world is a pregnant girl supposed to nest? Why can't my cats grow thumbs and carry stuff up and down stairs for me? Maybe I can make some kind of carrier to strap to their backs ...

Matt can tell how exhausted I am when we're out shopping, "C'mon, Preggar," as I slide out of the car, already out of breath. The way I'm talking, it sounds like I'm a lot bigger than I actually am. I guess that means I've got a lot to look forward to in the next couple months. I've read that the breathlessness part is caused by your organs being pushed up into your ribcage and lungs. At least I've got these little baby kicks for motivation, they keep me chugging along.

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