what we wore

All bets are off when this little one realizes he looks good.

T-shirt & Jeans - Children's Place
Shoes - Nordstrom

I've been preferring Fall over Summer ever since I was struck by motherhood. After a little thought, I figured it's because I can't commit to my deep, summer-long tan and flat tummy the way I used to. Fall clothes delete pale skin and are perfect for covering exercise deprived stomach pooches.

Oversized Shirt - The Body Shop
Striped tank undershirt - Target
Leggings - Charlotte Russe (last year)
Leg Warmers - Payless Shoes
Boots - Nordstrom



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first day of fall

We pumpkinized our front step. I like that Cart'er's my excuse to buy whatever holiday items I want. This is just my meager start to the holiday season; our new house is going to be dripping with scarecrows, hay bails, Christmas lights, bows and wreaths this year.




I'll leave you with some of my Friday finds from this week.

Wishing I had the money for this adorbs dress. And this one, too.

The best wedding video I've ever seen.

A cute idea.

I got my first dinner compliment from Matt in years when I made this the other day.


Since we've moved here, I've always noticed the abandoned, raggedy barns on the sides of the roads. I think to myself what cool backgrounds they'd make in photos as our car whizzes onward.

I've had my eye on this particular barn-looking building because it's easy to access beside a gas station parking lot. So today, on our way home from Carter's Kindermusik class, I made an unplanned detour and parked at that little lot. I braved the mocking stares of construction workers on their lunch break sitting outside the gas station, slung my camera strap over my shoulder and grabbed Carter's hand.









cutting corners. adding some lazy to life.


When I was in college, I loved shopping. LOVED. Didn't matter what store - grocery, gas station, pharmacy, mall - it was an opportunity for fun. The prospect of finding something new to eat or wear was exciting; I could walk around for hours pondering the ways each retail item could change my life. My feet and legs were killing me, but the thrill it gave my spirit drove me on.

Now, I hate going to the store. Hate's a strong word, but I'll repeat it anyway. hate. Shopping for food with a baby requires stamina, concentration, speed and ... a list. It requires snacks, backup snacks for snacks, toys, a few awesome songs stowed in your head for meltdowns and leaving your ego in the car.

After a while, you'll reach one of three points
1. You're exhausted from all the juggling and would rather eat stale Cheerios than attempt the store.
2. You hit the cart/stroller pushing stage. The cart, followed by an invisible little shopper, crookedly travels across the floors, just missing rows of condiments and beelining its way into some scowling woman's knees.
3. The snacks, toys and organization lose their magic and your kid throws himself on the pavement of the parking lot in rage and won't listen to your explanation that you bought him the friggin' toy car, but now it's time to put it in our car so we can bring it to our house.

Yeah. Keep an eye out for us on YouTube in a parking lot horror scene via someone's smartphone. Probably dated this past Monday.

I don't grocery shop anymore. I can't. I was never organized enough in the first place, and now Carter and I just can't get through it together. My full time priorities are cleaning, folding, playing and throwing together some kind of noodle concoction and bribing Carter to taste it.

I feel like I've complained about some kind of similar chaos on this blog before. Oh well, babies can be chaotic, and I'm digressing.

I finally figured out how to save time, aggravation and get us all fed! Today I picked out our groceries via some laptop clicks, waited two hours, then drove around the corner and had the food ushered straight into the back of my car. It's free the first time and $4.95 each time after that, no tips are accepted. I love my grocery store! It was such a freeing feeling to not have to unstrap Carter from his seat & bark persuasive commands at him nonstop to keep him safe, happy and out of trouble. You can do it, too, if you have a Harris Teeter nearby.


We also signed up for a program called The Produce Box. They drop a box of local produce right on our doorstep every week for $22. You can skip as many weeks as you want if it gets too expensive. It kinda forces us (the biggest fast fooders, ever) to cook and try tons of different fruits & vegetables; they're ripe, not covered in pesticides, and it gives us that warm, fuzzy supportinglocalfarmers feeling.

The box includes a paper with recipe ideas for a few of the funnier looking vegetables, too. Carter's loving it. He's devoured an entire half of a watermelon, a sweet potato and two apples so far. Tonight he decided he likes spaghetti squash.


I guess I'm encouraging you to look into these types of delivery services because I really appreciate stores that do these things, and I don't want it to ever be discontinued due to lack of participants. As a mommy, I'll take any help I can get if it means I'll have more time and energy to animate myself for my attention-hungry toddler.

I have a dream for the mommy world. Some day, there will be drive thru restaurants created just for babies where you can pick up quick, healthy, premade baby meals and a few spare pacifiers to boot. Starbucks will deliver their decadent pumpkin lattes to our doorsteps. Stores will have exclusive, express cash register lines for mothers toting short fused, in need of nap, shopping children.

At the very least, somebody, please, invent a kitchen sink faucet that dispenses nothing but milk.

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the parts you never knew were hilarious

Carter and his friend came up with the idea to feed our cat grass - obviously an instant connector for any little couple's first date.


But me? I found my heart-hugging hilarity in seeing my son share his laughter with another child. Seriously, I've never seen him laugh with someone like that before without needing me at his side. It was the coolest thing I've ever watched.

There's no way I could have written that without sounding sappy. I edited for five minutes and even threw in the word coolest.

meet lisa! tales of a young housewife

Hi everyone!  My name is Lisa, & you can find me over at Tales of a Young Housewife.  I'm just another stay at home mama that is obsessed with taking pictures of my 6 month old daughter Aubrey, hanging out with my husband Steve, traveling, blogging & all things girly! 


Before I was a mama, I was a full-time office manager of a dental office & loved it.  I felt I was good at it, & I won't lie--I loved having an excuse to wear pencil skirts & stilettos on a daily basis.  I decided to quit my job the day I had my daughter.  While I was pregnant, I had full intentions of going back to work after my six-week maternity leave was up, but the second I laid eyes on Aubrey, I knew I wanted to be her full-time mama.  


These days, I am doing my best to adjust to my new lifestyle, & I find that I'm falling in love with all that comes with being a housewife & mom.  Having a clean house & homemade dinners were few & far between when I was working full time.  Sure, I don't get the satisfaction of a paycheck in a shiny window-envelope every two weeks, but in the long-run I know I won't regret spending each & every moment with my baby girl.  

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steppin' out

It's cold here! Why do I love it?! I think the chilled air makes my spiced pumpkin candle smell less like the candle police are on their way to my house. I rummaged today and threw together some semi-warm cuteness.

Sweater dress with a fitted gray t-shirt. Luckily everything goes well with my tween green nails (because my hubs probably hates them).

We pulled three shirts out of Carter's drawer and tried them on before we went with this one. All his new Fall clothes hang on him like giant pajamas.

Hair with a loose braid. Inspired by Christina Applegate in the premiere of that new show, Up all Night. It has potential, but it was a little cornier than I'd anticipated. The show, I mean.
Fine, maybe the braid, too.

Boots, layered with tights and knee socks on top.

We are each other's accessories.

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