bits and pieces


I don't have a solid story for you. But mommy lists works with major efficiency.

This one will, anyway.
♥ Holy article amazingness. If you're a toddler's parent and you can read, this is for you. It kind of changed me. Be prepared to want to drop everything and go play with your baby.
♥ I'm dying to get one of these bags.
♥ I'm (grabbing minutes that don't exist and) reading this book.
♥ I hate yogurt, but for some reason I'm obsessed with this stuff.
♥ I'm starting to take exercise really seriously again; it's making me feel so proud of myself.

On the Carter side of things, I'm noticing that he's always majorly stressing to hold back tears by doing this mega pouty-lip face. I've never seen anyone withhold such a sincere, pure battle of facial sadness, and I love it because it melts my heart. Two years of incessant crying was honestly frustrating me to the point of fury.

You can't get mad at this. I think he secretly knows it.


For every 20 cute, girlie things swarming stores, there's maybe one cute item for a little stud. 
I found one last week.

I made him this cinnamon toast today. (Pinterest inspired.)

The bear initially got a smile. When it came time to eat it, the bananas got that mega pouty face.