candied house

Pictures really make a story. Except when Carter's entire demeanor changes at the sight of my camera. Oh, does the story I want to tell take a turn for an angry change.
He gets mad at me. Forget asking him to look up from what he's doing. I'm learning that sometimes it's better to be part of his moments than step out to record history.

But other times, I can't help it.

Anyway, He made a Valentine's house the other night with our neighbor, Ashley. (If you don't have a neighbor who's a kindergarden teacher, you should get one!)
In the spirit the whole looking down theme I've got going on this blog, Carter contests my photography. I even told him I had chocolate on my ears. Didn't work. A giant frosting house trumped my lies.


momma style



Did you see those things all over the ground? No?
In the meantime, I was thinking of working on a new pose. Like say, something that includes looking up at the camera.

I think the incessant looking down might be a fear of admitting I'm trying to take a hundred self portraits to post on the internet. Or that I just don't like popping in my USB card and seeing new wrinkles all over my face.

Either way, here.


Also. Here's some of my latest instagram handiwork via iPhone. I think I'm addicted.

Screen shot 2012-02-18 at 3.54.03 AM

cart & art

These little wooden car painting kits come in packs of 2 at Target for $2.00 in the party favors section. We love them.



One of Carter's ancestors is the famous painter, Thomas Eakins. But seeing his painting face, you already knew that.

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A couple months ago, my little boy was dubbed Captain Carter by Leap of Faith Clothing. He's always asking to wear his CAPEtee and turning heads wherever we go.


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lake, instagram, introverts and style.

This lake is literally 4 miles from our house. Maybe less. And we're always forgetting about it.


My favorite part of this day wasn't the water or the weather, though. Carter was completely in touch with his fashion sense and asked for his hat before we left the house. I don't know where he developed a concern for hats, but he made his vanity-ridden mommy a little proud.

I downloaded the (free) instagram app to my phone last week! I didn't know instagram was an entire community of completely random picture postings. I'm always fighting an impulsive itch to post obnoxious self portraits, faces Carter makes or pointless food I'm eating - but let's be honest - if you do that too much on Facebook, you're weird. Or young. Either way, there's people from all spans of your life watching you there. Now I just do it on instagram all day. The people over there want to see this stuff awesomeness.


Matt has it too. He doesn't post pictures (yet. I'll get him to). Follow us? rMeghann and Mfeldwieser. We'll follow you back!

I've still been working hard at reviving my practically neglected YouTube channel. One of my recent videos is about how I style my hair.

My neighbor showed me this article about introverts. The writer is amazing, and I can't stand not to share it because it's so me. I know my quiet personality isn't as obvious if all you know are my YouTube videos and blog outpourings, but I've found so much relief in 10 minutes of reading about my actual orientation. A few of the ideas that really struck me -
I can perform for an audience when I need to, but small talk is awkward.
I like conversations that involve intimate thoughts.
Other people exhaust me.
I love being alone. Love.
And you know what? I've been so hard on myself for my entire life for being shy and always feeling like I have to force myself to be better. I could figure out ways to perfect clothes, hair and makeup but never how I felt and acted. Now I feel defined; maybe it's alright to just relax and be okay with me. Liberated from the definition of shyness.

I think I've found my Spring style. And it's a little weird.

Leotards. (aka bodysuits in the fashion world.)
(I got the idea here.)

Hear me out for a sec. Using a leotard as a top looks so clean, comfortable, fitted and classy. Your shirt doesn't need adjusting because it won't sag or bunch. Throw a skirt over it and go. An armful of leotards and skirts are at the top of my list to buy.

Top Baby Blogs reset its numbers last month, and I completely missed it! I think poor Bringing up Bumble is ranked in the hundreds somewhere. Please vote for me? Click here.

And that's me, for now. More on Carter soon!