Battle: Sleep vs. Bathroom

I've been losing a lot of sleep ... but not from worrying about getting baby stuff done or from my big belly making me uncomfortable. Every two hours, I wake up having to use the bathroom. Usually in the middle of the night (pre-pregnancy) you can get up, pee, and go right back to sleep, vaguely even remembering that you woke up.
It's gotten to the point for me, though, where my bed and my bladder are in a battle. My bladder wakes me up, - "Oh, Meghann ... there's a giant baby sitting on me, time to go again" - and I lay there trying to talk myself out of getting out from under my warm covers. Then, when I do get up, the trip into the cold, dark hallway seems like it was hardly worthwhile, almost no pee comes out!
When I thankfully fall back into my covers, 60 percent awake, the thought that I'm going to have to get up in another two hours facing the same conflict lingers in my head.
I read in one of my pregnancy books that this is mother nature's way of preparing a mom-to-be for a new baby's latenight feedings and diaper changes. Maybe I'll start getting Matt up with me every time, poor guy needs preparation too, right??

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  1. Hello,
    I was browsing under the term 19 weeks pregnant on Google and came across your blog. Presently I'm 19 weeks, we're expecting our first. This has not been an easy pregnancy so far. I've enjoyed reading your blog so far. You seem so cheerful and friendly! :) Plus your Youtube videos helped me not feel so worried about my lack of belly. Everyone I know has been really big at 19 weeks! Best of luck, you must be getting very close! :) So exciting!