Little Guy at 26 Weeks

He weighed two pounds, three ounces. The ultrasound technician said from now on he should gain about one pound per month. (As for MY weight - I don't even want to know anymore) She also said everything is measuring right on target. And he's still a little boy. :)

He's getting some fat on his face! Sorry, this pic has a wrinkle in the middle.

Using his hand to block the loud ultrasound noise

Last night Matt and I took a trip to Babies R Us to buy bottles. I had no idea they were so expensive ... and confusing. We ended up getting the Avent Newborn Starter Kit (3 bottles, 3 nipples). We also stocked up on diapers and wipes. When we got home, we realized we've collected more than 900 wipes. Oops. Wipes are just the easiest thing to buy!

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