My Tips for Preggie Girls

*Never, ever postpone even the slightest urge to pee. That UTI will attack your bladder in seconds flat.

*The first trimester and constant worrying go hand in hand.

*It feels better to waddle. Do it.

*Eating something right before you go to bed helps you fall asleep faster.

*Make the most revolting face conceivable when you smell something disgusting. It helps you feel like you're getting some kind of revenge.

*If you get a feeling the OB you chose isn't competent or listening to what you say, don't be afraid you're hurting his/her feelings by changing to a different one. When you have your blood drawn by a nurse who searches frantically for a cotton ball while you sit there bleeding on yourself, no, your standards are not too high.

*Don't compare yourself too much to other pregnant girls, everyone's body is different, pregnant or not.

*Fight the urge to be creative when someone asks how you're feeling. Just say how you feel, so you aren't standing there with a stumped look on your face thinking of how to answer.

*That Snoogle body pillow isn't for everyone.

*Look into getting someone to give you a nickel for every time you hear, say or think the word pregnant.

*Only those uncompromising pregnancy hormones could cause you to declare war on your husband, your best friend in the world, during such an exciting time. Take deep breaths. Hope he understands.

*If someone doesn't comment on your oh-so-obvious pregnant status, that doesn't mean they aren't thinking about it. Stand near them for more than two minutes, and they'll say what they're thinking.

*It's ok to feel a little guilty when you take a Tylenol.

*Accept that you're going to be stared at. If someone isn't gawking at the belly, they're probably stressed or something's wrong with them.

*Smile at other pregnant girls.

*A lot of people look down their noses at you if you admit you're hoping specifically for a boy or a girl. Say you just want a healthy baby. That happens to be a girl.

*Mix a childcare book or two into your pregnancy book collection.

*Write down questions before your OB appointments - even if you already know the answer - so you don't feel as gipped when it's over in five minutes.

*Crunchy things make the most satisfying food choices. Specifically, pickles and ice.

*If you have a cat, let it sit on your belly and purr.

*Shopping at your favorite pre-preg clothing stores (with intent to buy XL sizes) during the third trimester will probably make you feel sad. Matt: Did you see anything? Me: Yep. Skinny girls. We belong in the maternity stores now, drink the water when they offer it to you.

*Don't pick a baby name that you wouldn't mind being named yourself.

*Try laying flat on the floor when your back hurts.

*Babies R Us sells Motherhood Maternity clothing. This saves you a trip to the mall, especially since you spend all your shopping time at Babies R Us anyway. Baby Gap also has some impressive baby gear.

*Don't feel bad swiping your hubby's second pillow to wedge behind your back when you sleep.

*It's fun to smile at baby kicks. Although I'll admit that the hiccups lose their cuteness after a couple episodes.

*Pregnancy is a privilege that not everyone is blessed with. Be really thankful and excited God gave it to you.


  1. Beautiful post :) There was a couple of things that I hadn't thought of!

  2. I know you wrote this years ago but I am just starting my pregnancy journey and your last point just made me change my perspective on this journey.

    Looove you blog btw :)

  3. @Anonymous i'm glad! :) i forgot i wrote that. it's so true! thanks for reading xoxo