I am so Thankful

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and I'm watching Carter sleeping in his swing. I usually dread holidays because of the stress they bring ... figuring out which relatives to spend it with, getting dressed up, awkward conversations. But tonight, I feel so happy.
At this time last year, Matt and I were coming to grips with doctor reports that we'd probably never have a family. We were going through blood tests, shots, surgeries and ultrasounds - never really believing that any of it would work but still wanting to try everything we could. Last year I couldn't think of one single thing I truly felt thankful for because I was so focused on being sad and angry. I knew it was time to start considering what we were going to do with life if we didn't have a family to raise. I was sure we were the two most unlucky people in the world.
I had no idea that two months later, we'd be blessed with the pregnancy of Carter. Of course, now I understand that there was purpose to our fertility struggle; he's not just a regular baby - he was hoped and prayed for, day after day.
I'm so glad modern medicine and IVF exist. I'm so happy we could give my mom her first grandchild. I'm so excited Matt and I got to find out what it feels like to be parents. I'm so believing in the power of prayer. I'm so loving taking Carter in public so strangers can stare at him and admire him. I'm so proud when he smiles at me. I'm so happy I can kiss his chubby cheeks. I'm so thrilled I get to watch him grow.
Thanksgiving truly belongs to him this year. For Carter, I am thankful.

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  1. What a miracle:]
    God bless your wonderful family. Happy Holidays to you all.