Ugh Sears!

Today we went to Sears to get Carter's first baby pictures done. We were nervous he'd cry or be grumpy, but he did such a great job! He had a couple smiles and was so composed, Matt and I were completely shocked when he sat there, perfectly calm and wide-eyed, in the pose he was put in. -HURRY!!- we warned the photographer. Her angle was all wrong, and her finger was ridiculously slow on the snap button. Later she admitted this was her second week working there, she used to work at an AC Moore. The wrinkled, white sheet used as the backdrop had sporadic stains, and I think a stray dark, frizzed hair - probably with a couple H1N1 bacteria on it - caught my eye. Every cute expression or smirk he made was somehow missed, but we trusted that, out of 20-something shots, there would be a couple we loved.
We excitedly came back 30 minutes later to see the slideshow of pictures she'd chosen for us. Five pictures were pulled from the bunch: A couple mug shots, a few frowns and furrowed brows. The blankets and sentimental props we'd brought were mostly cut out of the pictures. One picture we'd requested of him with his little naked hiney in the air had his legs cut off. Red splotches on his face weren't airbrushed out. What happened to all the other pictures? Could we see them? They all got deleted.
Being the suckers that we are, we ended up buying two of the pictures. As soon as I got home, I scanned them into my computer, edited out the red splotches and softened the color. Yes, Sears did a horrible job. But let's be honest here, it's impossible to make this cutie look bad :o)

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  1. I will NEVER pay someone to take pictures of my child again. Her hospital pictures made her skin look orange and Walmart gave me basically the same experience that Sears gave you.. However, I wish her pictures would have got deleted somehow so I wouldn't have felt so bad and purchased them all :/