Breasts are the Best!

I used to wonder why anyone would choose to breastfeed her baby over formula feeding. Don't you get the same results? Don't we all turn out okay in the end? Isn't breastfeeding more work? Embarrassing? And kinda weird, like hippie-ish?

When I heard so-and-so breastfeeds her baby, a vision of that person with a baby at her naked chest would immediately pop into my head. Why would anyone want to be pictured that way? At the same time, in the back of my mind I always knew that women are supposed to breastfeed, but only the most determined, strong-minded women were the ones that were doing it.

And then, by the grace of God, I got pregnant, and the question was presented to me. Are you going to breastfeed or formula feed? When I was asked this, I couldn't help but get a feeling that the question was posed more like, You're going to breastfeed, right? or Why wouldn't you breastfeed?

I honestly didn't know anything about the subject, but initially based the decision that I'd try to breastfeed on the idea that it was just the right thing to do. I emphasize the word try because I didn't think I'd be able do it. My plan was to do it a week, say I tried, and switch to formula, just like everyone else. I used to joke that my boobs were so small, they probably wouldn't make any milk anyway. Well, sort of joke. They were really small.

All I ever heard were stories from other new moms who gave up because it was too hard. Things like, it makes your boobs tingle. It hurts your nipples. It makes your uterus contract, like having menstrual cramps, every time you feed. (The uterine contractions were what scared me the most, I'm a huge wuss when it comes to anything that has to do with my period.) Not to mention there were so many other complications to learn about: Do you have to switch sides so your boobs aren't lop-sided? How do you use a breast pump, I've never even seen one? When do you pump and why? How do you know if there's really even milk in there?

Hearing about all the new moms who were defeated by breastfeeding made me lose a lot of confidence in myself; why would I be any different? But it also inspired me and made me want to be different, to be better.

Matt and I went to a breastfeeding class offered by our hospital to get the lowdown on how we were going to pull this off. How to get the baby's mouth on my nipple, make him drink, stuff like that.

We were met by a woman teaching the class who was major advocate for breastfeeding. She used the entire class to explain why breast milk is better than formula. One poor guy in the class asked her what the benefits of formula are, and when he was met with a horrified, evil look, Matt whispered to me, "She's a breastfeeding Nazi." Maybe she was a Nazi, but she said a few things that stuck with me and got me on board the breastfeeding boat.

She gave us a few statistics to start. Breast milk has more than a hundred nutrients that can't be created or found in formula. Formula fed babies have an IQ that's, on average, 11 points lower than breastfed babies. Breastfed babies have much stronger immune systems and get sick a lot less. Breastfed babies' poop doesn't smell as bad because it doesn't have the bacteria that formula does.

She put it all in perspective when she said that giving your baby formula is like giving him McDonald's. Yes, it's food, but it doesn't have the natural nutrients, antibodies to fight bacteria and build immunization and digestible properties of breast milk. A man once used someone's breast milk to clear up his pinkeye. Humans are supposed to drink human milk, not cow's milk. We watched a video showing moms feeding their babies; it was amazing to think I could really try that. I couldn't believe that my future baby would actually agree to suck on my boob.

She said when your baby's first born, you're going to be feeding him every two hours for a few weeks - a lot more than a formula fed baby. You won't succeed in breastfeeding unless you have a strong reason in your heart, a reason so powerful that it pushes you out of bed. This is why most women fail, they don't want it badly enough.

So, what was my motivation? After hearing all those startling stats, I decided didn't want to be one of the failures anymore.

I haven't used formula, but I haven't had to go down into my cold kitchen in the middle of the night to make a bottle, either. I'm not constantly washing and sterilizing bottles. I haven't spent a dime on Carter's food, but his thighs and cheeks get chubbier every day. I don't have to burp him because he's not swallowing air. I don't mind changing his poopy diapers, they hardly smell. To produce milk, my body burns about 500 calories per day. My boobs are bigger than I knew they could possibly get. I haven't gotten my period since before I was pregnant.
As for the nitty gritty ... I don't leak. My nipples have never hurt, and I don't feel my uterus contracting or breasts tingling.

I'm not saying breastfeeding is perfect. I'd love to have an endless supply of milk waiting for me in my refrigerator that I can just grab and go, because going out in public definitely has its limitations now.

It's not fun having to leave the room when I have friends over every time the baby needs to eat. Sometimes I do wish I could have more than one glass of wine or take some Excedrin for a headache. In the beginning, it was stressful trying to help him latch on while he was starving and screaming. Now it feels like second nature.

Now that I've been exclusively breastfeeding for three months, I've been really surprised by a lot of people's naivety on the formula vs. breastmilk subject. I can actually feel people wondering what I'm thinking.

Sometimes we have to turn down invitations to go places because we don't have enough milk stored in the refrigerator. Oh, can't you just give him some formula? No. He's a breastfed baby. Then silence. I can almost hear the wheels turning in their heads: What's wrong with that girl? Formula's not going to kill the baby.

I feel like if I attempt to explain statistics or that breastfeeding is what's in my heart, no one will listen or care. This is what I want for Carter. I can give up taking long trips or going out to dinner when I don't have a bottle pumped if it means supporting what I think is the healthiest decision for my son. He came into this world for me, I do this for him.


  1. Great post :) I've always planned to breastfeed... probably no surprise since I was the La Leche poster baby when I was little - no joke! :) Carter is adorable, post more pictures!!! Miss you! (Inna Lusegovich misses you too!!)

  2. amen. i am almost 6 months pregnant, and have the strong desire in my heart to breast feed, but also the fear that i won't be able to. this honestly inspired me so much and made me feel so empowered! thank you!

  3. thanks for this post- by baby is coming in 9 week-s and im getting nervous about how the breastfeeding will go- i have always known its what i want to do but not alot of my friends stuck with it and like you said you hear more of the complaints about it- so thank you so much!! when im feeling like i cant do it anymore i will think of this post and keep trucking!! =)

  4. Hi, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my baby girl's gonna come anytime soon. I've always wanted to breastfeed because as a nurse I believe it has really great benefits. I'm so glad to hear that breastfeeding is working out wonderfully for you.

    Nice blog!

  5. :(

    From someone who is a great Mummy who can't breastfeed due to medication :(

    I'm heartbroken reading this post. I'm in tears. More guilt. More anxiety. More hurt.

  6. great post. I always knew I would try to breastfeed and not get upset if it didn't work out. I feel blessed that it came easy to me. My daughter is 6 months next week and has only had my breastmilk. I diligently pump when I am away from her, which is sometimes not the easiest, but I do it for her. My daughter has taught me to be patient and completely unselfish. Carter is so cute! You look great as well. I enjoy your youtube videos and now I will enjoy your blog!

  7. i just had my second child and she is 4 weeks now! i am breastfeeding also but its been eventful. she wont latch on unless i am wearing a nipple shield so thats a pain but she is doing good. i am actually trying to get over an infection in my breast from breastfeeding so just make sure you are always emptying your breast. about you not going out because you dont have enough milk stored up, why cant you feed him while you are out on your breast. just buy a nursing cover. they are wonderful and you might feel weird in the beginning but you get over it fast. good luck with everything

  8. Coming from someone who planned on breastfeeding from the start and never thought the possilbility of not being able to, I find this blog upsetting. I was unable to breastfeed due to the amount of blood I lost after delivery and the jaundice my baby had. Due to the blood loss, my milk was delayed in coming in and my baby needed the milk now so he wouldn't get dehydrated from the lamps he was under. That also effected my milk production. Yet, I am still trying whole heartily to give him whatever breast milk I can with the help of formula. I understand all the benefits breast milk has and I'm sure you didn't intend to step on anyone's toes with this, but stating that formula is like giving your baby McDonald's is hurtful. That is like implying I don't care about my child's health. Being called a failure because I give my baby formula is my boggling. Image after hearing that instructor and coming home and not being able to successfully breastfeed. Put yourself in my shoes reading your blog. Hopefully next time you can try and look at every perspective and taking mothers like me who read your blogs into consideration. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive but this is just my comment. All in all best of health to you and your baby Carter!

  9. I am currently breastfeeding my second child, he is 7 weeks old and nursed my daughter until she was 10 months old. I just got finished reading a great book called "Unbuttoned" you should pick it up... good luck with the breastfeeding, it's a wonderful experience...

  10. YAY for Breast Feeding Mommys!! I don't understand why some women don't even try. It breaks my heart! Breastfeeding has been a wonderful experience for me! I nursed my daughter and now I am nursing my (who was born the same day as Carter :)) I think it's awesome how you have stood up for what you believe in! Its a shame that breastfeeding
    has become taboo. It's God's plan. It's that simple.

    Rachel (Racllie from Youtube)

  11. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves breastfeeding! :) My son is one big baby, he weighed 8 1/2 pounds when he was born and was hungry like you won't believe. I cried a couple of times because I would be so tired and he would be so hungry! It was hard to stick to it, not to give in to formula so he could stay full longer, at my 6 week check-up I asked if they could weigh him and he weighed 13 pounds and 5 ounces, at 6 weeks old!! They asked me what I was feeding him and I said "breastmilk!" He's 2 months old now and still eats every 2 to 3 hours, its very tiering but I don't give up. I love the way he smiles when I'm about to feed him and how hes happy and full of energy when hes done eating. My husband sometimes tells me that we should get some formula so I could get a few hours of rest, but a few hours are not worth anything compared to the bond my son and I have, I'm the world to him just like hes the world to me :)I love wacthing your videos, I had my son a month after you so I get to see what I'm expecting sometimes and its helpfull, thanks.

  12. Dear Formula Moms,
    I apologize for offending any of you with this post. When I wrote it, it wasn't being written with that intention at all. My intention was to explain what inspired me to breastfeed and show that someone who didn't think I could do it can succeed. I also enjoyed writing this because I like breastfeeding and wanted to share my thoughts with everyone.
    I know that all of us want what's best for our babies! As for the McDonald's comparison, the teacher used that example as a method of persuasion, I don't know the amount of truth to it, but it did really spark my interest.
    Again, I didn't set out to write this blog as a means of hatred toward formula. I know there are a lot of women who wanted to breastfeed and are unable to for medical reasons. I'm not calling anyone a failure, mostly just trying to emphasize that I want to succeed.

  13. Hi there! I must say I agree with you, I am a breastfeeding nazi! I think formula for babies can definatly be compared with giving anyone Maccas! Good on you for breastfeeding, it's the best thing you can do for your precious bundle.
    I breastfed my son for only 5 months and I regret that so bad now that I know better.
    My daughter is 3 months old and I will not stop feeding her until SHE is ready. Why should she be deprived of her amazing milk? I went through cracked and bleeding nipples and mastitis at its worst. I was bedriddin and Charlotte was confined to the bed with me. But that's what came with breastfeeding and I took the pain and it was going to get bettr! And it did!
    Don't let anyone get you down about feeding Carter. Continue doing an amazing job!
    And don't leave the room if you need to feed him, have the confindence to ignore what other people think. What's wrong with you nursing compared to someone giving a bottle? Everyone has the right to eat. Just remember, you and Carter have rights! If someone discriminates against you, contact human rights.

    Go Meghann! You're an excellent Mother!

  14. My baby is 12 weeks old tomorrow, and I breastfeed as well. The only time I have given him formula was 1 ounce at the very beginning, I broke because I was very sore and upset and tired. Every couple of nights he gets an ounce or two of formula to help him sleep better. 98% of the time he gets breastmilk but after reading this I think I will be less inclined to give him any formula. You should be very proud of yourself! I've been following your videos on youtube and Carter is beautiful! Congrats

  15. To those of you who are offended by Meghann's blog, I say get over it. If you could breastfeed you would, and yes unfortunately there are mothers out there who are unable to, but that shouldn't stop poor Meghann from expressing her view and experience about breastfeeding. She didn't mean to offend, and this is her blog, if you don't like what she writes then don't visit. It seems there are some very sensitive people out there, and your issues about breastfeeding are just that, your issues. Don't make Meghann feel horrible about being able to breasfeed and feeling proud of doing so. You would feel the same if you guys could breastfeed your babies. Give Meghann a break, she is a lovely girl.

  16. i'm one of those women who tryed my hardest not to give up on breastfeeding, but after a week or two i ended up giving up on it cause it was hard and time consuming, ect, but hon estly i wish it were easier forme cause breastfeeding is the best way to go, but now im formula feeding. im proud of you for being strong and not giving up! :) great job on being a wonderful mommy! carter looks happy and healthy!

  17. Love this! I am sooooo proud to be breastfeeding my 7 week old son. I had a really tough first month- lots and lots of pain from his difficulty latching, weeks where he cluster fed for 5 hours straight, and low milk supply but I stuck with it and finally everything just clicked. I feel so close to my baby and a so thankful for every day I get to breastfeed him!
    Everything you wrote made me feel so amazing! It is so worth it!

  18. I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant and have always known that I would breastfeed. I was breastfed and just about every woman in my family has breastfed (and there are a lot of women in my family). I would be absolutely devastated if breastfeeding doesn't work out for me. I was surprised to hear so many other woman look at it as taboo. I'm glad to hear you didn't let them discourage you. This post was informative and I'm glad to hear more and more women are choosing the natural route. Congrats to you on a beautiful baby.

  19. I am 28 and just had my third child, a boy, on Oct 22nd. I breastfed my other two kids until they were 14 months old. I too, didnt really ever think I would become so pro breastfeeding, but when they asked me at the hospital which I was going to do. I chose BF, and have been doing it ever since. It saves so much money and time. I am also a RN on a mother/baby unit, so I get to help new mommies all the time with latch, etc. I do love doing whats best for my kids, and they are rarely sick, so I like to think I did my part. So, keep up the great work! It is so great for both of you. I dont know if the "breastfeeding Nazi" told you that it helps reduce breast cancer for you as well. Anyway. You are doing great!

  20. I formula fed by choice. Everyone has an opinion, but the only opinion I need is living proof that my child did AMAZING and wonderful on formula.

    You are going to get sick and healthy kids who were fed either or and I think feeding your baby is doing the best thing. Anyone that shuns formula definitely had bigger issues. Formula is wonderful and babies prove to do just as wonderful.

  21. well i do understand what your saying i have a baby too and he just turn three month on the 22 of jan and i do both breastfed and and formula and i think if your are going back to work you will need the formula so the earlier you start the child to take formula is better for you so that they gat acustom to it that how i feel so you can give a child both what if you get sick or just have to be somwhere and may need a little formula so think about it its not that bad both is ok

  22. I agree with what you're saying. Breast feeding is what works best for me and my child. I don't think formula is bad, it's just not for me. I have been breast feeding for 3 months also. I had a VERY hard time at the beginning. She wouldn't latch i was so sore, the LCs couldn't help me and even then I pumped and gave her breast milk. I almost switched to formula but I saw my MIL feeding her and it made my heart break. I don't know why. When I'm breast feeding that is me and my baby's moment. I have SO much breast milk saved up because of the 2 weeks I was pumping and feeding, I'll never have to feed her formula. I'm glad I didn't give up and stuck to it. Again it's best for me and my child and I don't look down upon people who choose to formula feed.

  23. HI Meghann- I have been breastfeeding my baby since she was born. She is now almost 7 months old and still an avid nurser. I am so happy I chose to nurse her and I feel like we have a stronger bond than if I was to give her formula. I go to a breast feeding support group in Glenside, it is nice to hang out with other moms that are on the same page as you are and keeps you breastfeeding longer. My goal is to make it to a year! Brooke is now eating one meal a day- solids that is and I have been making all of my own baby food. That is fun too. As for the uncomfortableness of nursing with people, I have gotten more comfortable and also have a cover up that I use in public, because as long as you are not exposed it is ok. I believe there is a support group this Tuesday at 10 am. is the website if you want to check it out. I have met alot of great moms there and we get together outside to have the kids play together as well. Brooke and I will be going this Tuesday if you are interested. Good luck and you are doing great!

    - Jackie Kelble ( friend of Nates)

  24. Wow Meghann, you've certainly provoked a few reactions here lol! I love this blog, and you definately shouldn't apologise for how you feel on this subject. My daughter (who is 10 months old now) was breast-fed for the first two weeks of her life. And I struggled. Not with the quantity of milk, but the quality. It was like water and not filling my daughter at all (I could easy pump two 9oz bottles in half an hour!). When I swtiched to formula it was the best and worst thing that I ever did. The best because my daughter was actually satisfied after a feed. The worst, because of the guilt I felt about FF her. BF was something I had my heart set on and it was weeks before I stopped beating myself up about it. I have nothing against formula feeding whatsoever, but I firmly believe breast is best and I salute you and all those mothers that CAN do it, and stick to it. Well done Meghann! x

  25. i love your post, your honest and ur just explaining your feelings on breatsfeeding and formula feeding, i tryed hardest to breastfeed cause yes its healthier, no doubt about that and i would rather do that, but it was so hard and stressful and time consuming for me, so im formula feeding him, i breastfed then formula fed my first son too and now hes almost 6 and very healthy, i agree brestfeeding is better and healthier! congrats to you for staying strong and commited :) god bless, i understand some womens replies on this blog that they cant breastfeed cause of reasons against that they cant help, but dont feel bad for writing your blog, as long as your not intentionally trying to hurt people then your okay, it is hard to breastfeed but is healthier, so in my opinion i support breastfeeding or formula feeding, both are okay and wont hurt the baby at all...(inless for health reasons they cant do either or). anyways, thanks for posting this blog, i enjoy watching all your videos and watching carter grow! ur doing a wonderful job as a new mommy :) god bless.

  26. I just wanted to say, that I would recommend going to the La Leche League (LLL) in your area to get more comfortable BF in public. They also give great tips. I do not think any BF mother should have to leave the room (if company is over)just to BF. I have some friends that attend my stroller walk (in public) and they will pop their kids on the boob without anyone even knowing...I have even TRIED to look (not to be weird, but to figure out how they were doign that) and it is so fast that no one WOULD be able to see anything. lol
    As far as the BF vs. formula debate, there are some mothers out there that can not BF. I do agree that BF is better than formula, but I know some mothers do not have any other option. And I do not think that it has anything about how bad they want to BF. I could not BF for several reason to the point where I was getting EXTREMELY depressed. My ped and my OB and the lactation consultant recommend I not BF because it WAS making me depressed (I could not supply my baby the way I needed to which made it snowball into other things)

  27. I 100% agree breastfeeding is best,Unfortunately i cannot breastfeed my son,due to medications i am on,I did breastfeed for 2 weeks after he was born ,the lactation specialist told me the medications i was on were fine,turns out my doctor told me one of the medications i am on can cause slight learning delays in babies,so i stopped because of it,Yes i am upset i can't breastfeed,but at the same time i am o.k. with giving him formula.

  28. Love this post!! =)

    I am a new mom to a beautiful 8 week old baby boy. He is exclusivly breastfed also. It was very hard for me in the beginning because my milk came in overnight and had engorgment issues. I remember waking up that morning in the worst pain. I was so swollen I could not even pump the milk out. At that moment I told my husband in tears "thats it we are formula feeding" after calming down I regained my composure and decided okay well before completly giving up I will go talk with a consultant. That was the best decision I ever made. She helped me get the milk out and from then on it has been smooth sailing. I am happy to say is is now 2 months old and only formula fed one day. He

    I understand what you are saying about people suggesting to just try formula. My own mother says it all the time. I always get "wouldnt it be easier." Well yes sometimes but knowing how much better breastmilk is for him I feel that it is important to provide him with every benifit he can get out of life. Thats all comes with being a mom. =)

    Its amazing knowing that you can provide everything your baby needs and also a great bonding experience. I would recomend it to anyone.

  29. Oh wow! I cannot believe you got negative responses from this. I breast fed my (now 4 year old) daughter for only 2 months b/c I had some supply issues (really it was just lack of information, I doubt I really had any issues; just didn't know better). I have a 2 month old son & I have been exclusively breastfeeding this time & I have no desire to stop:) None whatsoever. I am going to nurse him until he self weans! I love breastfeeding. I love knowing that every time my son eats he is eating the best, most nutritious food I can give him. I don't think there is anything wrong with formula, but its not for me & its not what is best for my son. I am not lazy & I love my son enough to feed him what is best for him, even if it means more "work" for me. I love that I can lay here right now while typing this message, curled up with my beautiful boy as he nurses. It is an amazing bonding experience. One thing I don't have is support. None of my friends nurse or really have nursed & my family is always telling me to give him formula. I can't tell you enough how happy I am to read your journal. It makes me feel great to know that I am not alone & that there is someone out there that feels the same way as me. Thanks for posting this! You're a great momma & I enjoy watching your vlogs!

  30. I just read the comment someone said about next time taking everyone's feelings into consideration... ummm, this is Meghann's journal... she does share it with us, but she doesn't have to get permission from the rest of the world to document her private thoughts. If you don't like what she has to say, move on. But don't stop reading her blogs & don't stop watching her vlogs. A difference of opinion is something that everybody has. Not everybody agrees on the same thing. Anyway, goodnight:)

  31. Hi Meghann!

    So glad to see that Motherhood is agreeing with you =) Please never feel guilty about expressing your feelings on your blog. Not everyone can nurse, and there's no reason to tip-toe around those who can't--I would just delete all negative responses--it is your blog!

    I tried to nurse my first baby, but it was a different day and time--nursing was frowned on, and I had no support from anyone when I attempted to nurse--I gave up because of a painful breast infection. I didn't nurse my second because of surgery on his mouth. I was able to nurse my third son until he was four months old, and then it was back to work for me =(

    Keep on being the sweet person that you are, and give that little cutie pie a kiss from me!


  32. I must say, I LOVED this entry. I'm newly pregnant, almost ready to graduate to the 2nd trimester and I can't wait to breastfeed, but when I really think about the act of breastfeeding sometimes it seems so weird. :)
    I loved the line "I couldn't believe that my future baby would actually agree to suck on my boob." You had me laughing out loud with that one because I had the same thought while talking to my husband last night.

    Thank you for taking us through your mindset and what inspired you to breastfeed. It helps us soon to be mothers realize that our concerns are the same ones other mothers have.

    ~Carla theBubblelush from Youtube

  33. This entry is ridiculous and VERY unnecessary. Do you really think breastmilk is going to make your kid smarter? pettier? healthier? ha!

    At first you said you felt pressured by everyone to breastfeed. So, did you decide to breastfeed because others pressured you into it? Or because that's what's "best" for him? Now, put the shoe on the other foot. Say, you decided to formula feed. How would have you felt? What would have you done?

    You can support breastfeeding but putting formula feeding mothers down is not the right way to go. VERY DISAPPOINTED and I unsubscribed from you.

  34. Anonymous - this is a BLOG, people write about things they WANT to write about and this blog clearly is NOT putting formula feeding mothers down.

    You are obviously a formula feeding mother who can't or chose not to BF your child and you feel bad for yourself, no one else has made you feel bad - just you!

    I am a FF mother, I breastfed, struggled, found out my milk was poor quality, and yes, it was hard when I switched to FF, but I NEVER felt bad for other people enjoying and promoting BF, because we all know it, whether we (YOU) want to admit it or not, that BREAST IS BEST!

  35. To the anonymous (From Feb 10)-

    Maybe its an elementary concept, but if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all! Seriously people, be nice. Like previously said, this is Meghann's blog, for her pictures, updates, feelings, thoughts, and opinions. If you have something positive to say, feel free to share, but if not, just don't read the blog (and no, you don't need to announce that you're not going to read it). Giving negative input isn't necessary, as it will most likely hurt her feelings, not change her opinion. If not breastfeeding is something that you truly feel strongly about, then write a blog entry of your own. Let's be grown ups here.

    Keep up the good work Meghann! Carter is adorable!

    PS: I really believe what I'm saying, just don't have an account, haha ;)

  36. To Anonymous FEB 10:
    You are being very childish! A plethora of studies have shown that breastfed babies are indeed many degrees more intelligent than formula-fed babies, and that they have a much higher immune system.

    It sounds to me like you are just trying to put Meghann down for whatever reason. She is stating HER opinion in HER blog about how breastfeeding her baby has turned out to be a wonderful experience. Her blog is not unnecessary or ridiculous. I find you VERY IMMATURE!!!

    Meghann, you are doing a wonderful job, and you inspired me to breastfeed my baby. You are a great person :) P.S. I loved the jolly jumper video! Carter is sooo cute!

  37. Wow!! A lot of people on her are very immature. This section isn't meant to be hating on anyone weither it is on Meghann or people that post. It's a comment section people.. post your comment and move on. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion weither it is positive or negative. I'm sure Meghann new what she was getting into making a public blog. You can't please everyone and I'm sure she isn't trying to. This back and forth thing is pretty ridiculous.Meghann said her piece end of story. Post your comment and move on. That is what this "post a comment" section is for. A comment about the blog not other people's comments. Meghann only has that right. This is funny!

  38. Meghann, You are truly an amazing woman and mother. I applaud you for being a breastfeeding mother. I am also and have been for 2 months now. I struggled with sore nipples for 3 weeks and DID substitute with soy formula to give myself a rest and then I finally got a pump so I could force my body to make more because my poor baby was acting hungry all the time. I felt like I wasn't producing enough. Come to find out that my first try of pumping, was a failure..a whole .5 oz failure. LOL I increased my production by that evening and baby was happy at the breast. I have exclusively been breastfeeding ever since she was 3 weeks old. I must say, it's the best feeling in the world to know that you have conquered all obstacles and made it to this point. You're at the place where you've done it, no more soreness, no more anxiety & to be successfully breastfeeding. It is great knowing that I can supply breast-milk to my baby, since it is the best for her.

  39. I wish i read this while i was pregnant because i think this would have persuaded me more to breastfeed. I breastfeed for only 3 weeks and found it hard to stick with! I actually wish now I would have stuck with it longer! Great job with sticking with it! Carter is adorable!!

  40. Hey,
    Just came across this wonderful post on breastfeeding. I am too breastfeeding my baby girl and I love it. I wrote about it in my blog. If you ever get a chance form being a wonderful mommy to adorable Carter, take a look and let me know what you think. We have alot of the same ideas :)

  41. My son is 18 months old and I still breastfeed and going to do so till he is 3 years old. Mehgan, you are great and I wish you breastfeed as long as possible. It is really good for baby health. My son was never ill so far - no colds, no flu. We are from Russia and live in a really cold place. It is 30 degrees Celsius below zero in winter (I have no idea what it is in Fahrenheit, sorry). But it is extremely cold and windy. WE go out every day and my son is fine.
    When my son was a baby I always breastfeed in public if he wanted to eat. I wore special clothes so nobody could see my nipples. I returned to work 2 days ago and not going to stop breastfeeding. I am happy and my son too.

  42. @eli2abeth

    As badly as I feel for you and your situation... I disagree that she should censor herself or put herself in your shoes before expressing her feelings and plans...

    SHE didn't state that formula is like McDonalds. A breastfeeding EXPERT did.

    Milk Sharing does exist, you know. No one has any obligation to nurse your guilt over not researching options besides formula.

  43. @Anonymous

    Well, it's nice that your baby is doing wonderfully by your standards (as a person who only observes THEIR baby and is, i'm just assuming here, not an expert on statistics or nutrition), but none of what you've just said is true.

    Formula is not wonderful. It's bovine-based junk. It's akin to feeding your baby junk food. The facts do not lie.

    We should all shun formula.

  44. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel