The Best Part of Having a Baby

They never have bad breath.

They're great for awkward social situations. A subject to talk about, a smile maker, an icebreaker, an excuse to get off the phone, a reason to go home early.

Even a dirty baby smells better than a clean adult.

You get to spout out silly voices and dances you never knew you were capable of.

The sound of their happy coos are comparable waves at the beach.

You never have to ask a baby how he's doing, he always wears his emotions on his face.

You single-handedly become a part of an entire new community - the mommies.

You could easily hold a 10 minute conversation with any given mother, of any age, if you wanted to.

You get to play with toys.

Figuring out what foods to feed your baby helps remind you how to eat healthy yourself.

It's not possible to manufacture a cuter, more smiley alarm clock.


  1. LOVE THIS- i totally agree!!! <3

  2. I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous your baby is! I love his bright blue eyes! You've def got a lil heartbreaker on your hands! :)