Wishing Today was Forever

There are days when I don't even recognize Carter. That felt terrible to type. I actually have to blink my eyes for a second and take a step back.
He wears outfits once, and by the time they make it through the wash, folded and back to his dresser, he's outgrown them. When I look at pictures from a couple months ago, I barely remember how life was when he was any littler than he is now. Last night I watched his face while he was sleeping, and instead of thinking how cute he is, I kept trying to memorize it because all I could think was that in a couple weeks, I won't remember his face as it was in that moment.
Today things feel perfect. Carter is - for the most part - always happy. His personality and entire being are complete sweetness.
His cheeks are chubby, his two bottom teeth make him look like
a backwards chipmunk when he laughs. His hair is uncontrollably fluffy, and what makes it ten times cuter is that he doesn't even realize it. He almost never falls over when he sits anymore.
He's learning new things faster than I even have a chance to show him. His cries, smiles, bright wide eyes and puddles of drool are all so incredibly genuine. His innocence radiates when he raises his inquisitive eyebrows.
I'm eager to see him learn to crawl, walk and turn into a heartbreaker ... but I really wish I could freeze him right now so I wouldn't feel like I'm always in a hurry to get to know my baby.

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