For Sale!

Yesterday our house officially hit the market; we came home from the grocery store to find a lock box on our doorknob and a giant sale sign in our bedroom window.

Today I woke up excited, fully expecting to be bombarded by phone calls telling us to leave so someone could come invade check out our house. It's 4 p.m., and my phone lights up with nothing but Facebook alerts.

I'm starting my own campaign that's sure to snag a buyer. I call it the baby strategy.

Carter says, Please, buy my house.

First, he sets up his sign.

Next, he puts on his saddest puppy dog face, sits outside his house and ... he waits.

Don't make this poor baby sit and wait.


  1. BAHAHAHA all the cuteness! So sweet hun - I think this will work ;) :P

  2. <3 so sweet- LOVE his cute "big boy" hair cut in all these pics!!

  3. Thanks Kassie! I used a little of my styling stuff on his hair to get rid of that fluffy look

  4. Oh my gosh, if we were in the market for a house, he'd have me sold in a heartbeat!