present preview

I'm weak when it comes to presents. I've had every intention of waiting until Carter's actual birthday to let him open packages that have arrived on our doorstep this past week. But let's face it, I'm home all day. Those packages stare me down.
Tonight we went to Toys R Us to buy Carter some presents of our own. He got to preview - err more like pick out - his birthday ball (a sternly pointed finger and constant repetition at the site of the Bah! Bah!). I went home and wrapped it anyway. He's a smart baby, but I'm pretty sure he's forgotten it even existed by now.

The store threw in a birthday club balloon when we told them he'd be one on Wednesday.
My apologies for the gray-on-gray outfit he's wearing. I wanted him to be comfortable since it was rainy, and I wasn't planning to take pictures. :p


  1. you always look so put together and cute!! carter is adorable as usual & i love the sheer look of joy on his face in all of these pictures :) happy almost birthday carter!!

  2. I'm in the same boat with Piper. She's always with us it's hard not to let her preview the presents. At least that means we get to preview their reactions right? Just think how happy they will be when they actually get to open toys that are in boxes and play with them!

  3. Happy Birthday Carter!!! I have been following you since week 30-ish, and I can't believe its been almost a year...Wow... o_O

  4. hi, i found you on top baby blogs & am so glad i did! i'm your newest follower. carter is such a cutie & you made me laugh when you apologized for his "grey on grey" outfit... that's something i would totally do. i will be back :)

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