[my first] steppin' out saturday

I've noticed a few of my idolized mommy bloggers (love her, her and her) posting this theme. On Saturdays, they take a couple snapshots of what mom and bumble are wearing before they hit the town.

It's a cute idea for a blog post, especially if you're one of those people (like ahem me) who makes an obtrusive habit out of staring at what everyone else is wearing when you're in public (to get ideas for your own personal swag, of course).

So this afternoon after everyone was napped, we wrestled Carter into some clothes and snapped some pictures before we loaded the car. We dedicated another day to combing the streets in search of our future dream house. Here's what we wore. (You're welcome, inside of our car.)



belted dress: macy's
tights: macy's
riding boots: nordstrom

polo with mock undershirt: carter's
cargo pants: children's place
shoes: babies r us


  1. Oh my gosh! That dress is amazing! I need it. You are gorgeous my dear. & little Carter is just so dang cute. :)

  2. hehehe how cute! great boots.. and beautiful photos!! I wish the trees changed colour like that in Australia!

  3. Love these pictures, you look Fab like always. Carter is to stickin cute

  4. @Peta I didn't even notice how pretty those trees were in the background until I looked at these pictures :)

  5. @Shawntae Thanks Shawntae! I've had that dress for about 4 months & just kept forgetting to wear it :)

  6. oh my goodness, you are looking SO SO SO cute. And? you referenced me??? you just made my day. seriously i feel so warm & fuzzy in side!! i love you too! ;)

  7. Love that outfit! Could you by any chance put the brand names of some of those cute clothes, not just the stores? Pretty please? :) Carter is seriously getting even cuter, is that possible?

  8. Hey!
    I passed on an award to you! Your one of the blogs I read most often!

    Enjoy :)


  9. You both look amazing. LOVE that dress!! And your son is just the cutest thing ever.


  10. You guys look lovely!

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  11. i LOVE your dress. like, you have no idea. you two look great!

  12. @allie Thanks Allie!! you make me want to wear it again soon :)

  13. @27 weeks of course i will! give me some time to find them, we just moved a couple days ago and most of our clothes are still packed up. xox

  14. @27 weeks
    the DRESS is by BCX, it's called the "bubble shirt dress." I tried googling it, but since I bought it a couple months ago, nobody's carrying it anymore. It's also made in black.
    the RIDING BOOTS are by Via Spriga. I'm in love with the way they fit my foot.