christmas. the new halloween.

I didn't know how Carter would react to Santa; I was 60 percent sure he'd cry if he were plopped in his lap, but the kid surprises me with some new, magical, adult characteristic every day. The type of baby who blows kisses to complete, scary, hairy strangers also has the possibility of being the type to yank on Santa's beard, giggle and steal his glasses.


Carter in hand, Matt approached Santa while I squatted in front to take a picture. Ho, Ho, Hold on. Before I could even look up to focus my camera, wails of horror followed by a chorus of Oh no's from the line of onlookers.

I walked up to see if I could help. ::swallows:: Wow. Santa is really big. Slightly monsterous. I just blinked, thinking, Hi Santa, I'm Meghann. Say it. SAY it.

Carter? Car-- who? I have a baby?

I have never seen Carter react like that to anything or anyone in his life. He was using my shoulder as leverage to push his body back, away from Santa. I could feel his heart thudding like mad. He never made it into his lap.

I guess he'll be finding boxes of butt paste under the tree this year.


Strapping Cart back into his stroller, I couldn't help but wonder how much this man gets paid to make babies cry all day. what. a. job. Half the kids idolize you, the other half cast you as the murderer in their nightmares. Which direction does a guy like that take his self esteem?

These pictures confuse me. I look at them, and my heart goes out for Carter. But really, I'm sitting here laughing at that defeated Santa.






Do you have a crier, or a beard tugger? Carter and I are criers, and I'm betting Matt had to fight a small urge to tug on that beard.

I want to see your Santa photos! Link them below. This will be my first ever linkup!


  1. Bless Carter's sweet heart! I totally feel for him, that Santa creeps me out too.

  2. I love how the Santa just looks peeved at the end... LOL!

  3. M- this entry made me laugh. :) Maybe you could enter Carter in Parents' Magazine "Spooked by Santa" contest. Coincidentally, I got a note about it in my e-mail today after reading your entry.

  4. @Stephanie Thigpen he doesn't look jolly in the pictures. he was a really nice guy, although he could use some work on the looking-picture-happy part

  5. @twinsideout I know, the last picture is hilarious, it almost looks posed on his part!

  6. @JS oh thanks for the suggestion! i might just look into it :)

  7. Jocelynn sits right on his lap and just looks up. Her cousin is 3 weeks older, as soon as he sees Santa he starts SCREAMING! it is so funny to watch two completly different reactions.

  8. @Bella that's too funny! I really do think it depends on the baby's personality ... until someday they're old enough for you to talk them out of the fear

  9. Lol aww! I think I was a crier when I was a baby. Alyson did fine though surprisingly. She was just interested in everything else going on and the lights, but she is almost 4 months old so she doesn't really know what's going on lol. It took them a while to get her attention though.

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