Here's the thing about babies and haircuts.
A hair in the head is worth two in the brush.
Things have gotten a little hairy.
I messed up Carter's hair.

If I were to take him to a barber - or haircutting chain. deaf people with scissors. whatever. They'd charge fifteen bucks after ignoring my desperate plea not to cut too much off. Just the sides. Ok that's perfect. No more scissors. Ok, that's good. WAIT.

I'd be handed the first ever baby with a buzz cut. And I'm one of those easily persuaded people who'd still increase the tip amount based on added creativity and scissor happiness enthusiasm.

I'm seriously afraid to take Carter out to get his hair cut. He's had a barber cut his hair once, but it was really short, and we're having a holiday card photo done soon.

So I figured I'd just trim it myself, around the edges and on the top-ish, because I'm the only one who knows how I want it to look.

A couple scissor miscalculations, though.
1. I don't know how, but he ended up looking like one of those dirty boys I went to elementary school with. They always had shortish, shaggy, uneven hair and pegged me in the head with a dodgeball. I bet their moms didn't take them to barbers. I don't want Carter to be a shaggy ball-pegger, but he's halfway there. (I have his ball hidden from him, for now. Just until the hair grows.)
2. Also, Matt says I gave him a mullet. Poor Carter either gets a Mommy-made mullet or Barber-butchered buzz cut.

I should have just let it grow long. Who gave me all this senseless authority, anyway?

I can't take him to a barber at this point because they'll take off even more hair in an attempt to even it out. I tried to taper it & fade out the mullet but let's face it, I just can't do this crap.

Crap is probably the dirtiest word I've ever used on this blog. Aside from shaggy ball-pegger, of course.



  1. Lol good thing is that he'll grow it back and there are hats, unless he still dislikes them.

  2. he's getting a little better with the hats lately. i wear his hat for an hour around the house, and it makes him want to wear it for 20 seconds :)

  3. hehehe it's not even that bad! just style it into that mohawk you guys do in the bath.. you could do Matt's that way too and have a punk rock theme for christmas! lol

  4. I messed up my little one's hair really bad. I cried. But it was much easier than him screaming and crying at the barber! It will grow back soon enough! :)

  5. @Jessica I gave carter an apple to chew on & turned on Yo Gabba Gabba and he didn't even know I was there. He did well at the barber's too, though.

  6. LOL @ shaggy ball pegger. love it. i haven't been in this situation yet since p-ray is a baldy, but when his day comes i plan on taking him to one of those specialty kid hair dressers. like "jack & jill". do you have those in yer parts?

    but hey, seems like everything else from the 80's are coming back, maybe mullets will too ;)

  7. Hi!

    I just found your blog through "Top Baby Blogs"- its great! :) I'm following along :)

    And as for the hair- I am terrified to touch my kids'- I'd mess it up for sure! :)

    Feel free to check out mine & follow along!

  8. @AmyLee lol mullets MUST come back. maybe if i do a mullet blog post, it could help push the trend along?
    ok a jack n jill hair cuttery sounds like a really great idea, i'm going to search for something like that around here

  9. @Ashley i was scared to touch carter's for a long time too. but as i stared at it over the months, i got more and more confident & thought I could pull it off. grr

    definitely on my way to check out your blog. thanks for following xox

  10. Hi Megan,
    Don't worry it really doesn't look that bad.

    I would say next time take a photo of Carter when you were happy with his hair, As a hairdresser I find having a photo is great there will be no miss understandings and I would just stress the point you don't want it to short, Say you have had bad experiences they will be more understanding.
    Also I would go to a salon rather that a barber although barbers are great at mens cuts I find a female hair stylist will listen and be more open to doing what you want.

    It would not matter if Carter had no hair he would still be gorgeous

  11. @kriznizzel Thanks for the great advice, Kristy! I wish I had thought of the photo idea! I also like your salon instead of barber idea, I guess I overlooked salons since he's a boy