l♥ve, bringing up bumble


My daydream is that you're snuggled up in your living room all day
playing with your baby's new toys
new, fuzzy socks on your feet
a mug of hot chocolate in your hand
your favorite scented candle burning
fattening food spread across the kitchen counters

We're back in Pennsylvania, sharing the holiday with my husband's family.
love you all,


  1. Merry Christmas to you all! We are just about finished our Christmas here in Japan! Xx

  2. If by snuggled up you mean.. spread out starfish style trying to escape hot humid weather.. then yes! hehehe merry christmas

  3. such a cute card! i didn't even get around to doing one this year. oops. our christmas pretty much consisted of everything you described. hope it was wonderful for you guys!

  4. How cute is your Christmas card?! Hope you guys had a very happy holiday!

  5. This photos are beautiful. What kind of camera do you use, I am thinking on making an investment on a really good camera :)