my new desktop background

What do you think of this picture?


Matt said it looks like he's lined against the wall for a mug shot. But I think it's the cutest picture I've gotten of him in a long time. His eyes are finally wide open, and he's not making any of his all-grown-up-toddler grimaces.


  1. Carter is soooo adorable! I have 2 sons, 3.5 and 1 yr and boys rock :D Funny you should mention the 'strange looks' you got from people, when you whipped your camera out- it happens to me too!I take my camera everywhere! What is your 'good' camera by the way? The photos you take are amazing!

  2. @Kate Thanks Kate! i want to take pictures of everything, and i want to tell ppl who stare that they should stop staring and take some pictures of their kids! :P
    i have a Nikon D40.

  3. I think it is cute!

  4. @Anonymous me too, thanks :) although his collar on the right side being flipped up is starting to get on my nerves :P