day 8: have a beauty secret?

Since I skipped a couple days, we can call this challenge a fail. Orrrr we can pretend not to have noticed my i'vebeenwritingmyselfsick break while I just go ahead and nonchalantly post my day 8?


Get funky

Wear an odd-colored nail polish & file your nails short for an instantly trendy, confident, young look.

Remember a couple years ago when everyone started wearing black polish? It took me awhile to buy into it - I've always been a traditional pink/red shade wearer. But every time I saw it on someone, the word Cute! flew into my head.

Once I tried wearing black, I was open to more variety. Now I also love shades of dark purple, gray, creamy whites, silvers and navy blues.

Why does it feel weird at first? Because these types of colors don't fit with the classic definition of pretty that nail polish has always carried. They're different. They're confident.

No, you won't get the Ooh! Your nails are so pretty! compliments. But you will get stares or glances from the people who are thinking There's something about that girl... she has her shiz together. Pick a fun color that speaks to you, and own it.

Out of eye makeup remover?


Try baby wipes. Baby oil on a cotton ball will also do the trick. They don't work as well as an actual makeup remover and take a little more rubbing, but it's so much easier than using soap (ouch!) or packing yourself up & getting into the car to go get more remover. Now tomorrow becomes an option. Or -if you're me- the day after tomorrow.

Get your pillow soggy.

I blow dry my hair about once every two months - if that. I shower at night, sleep with it wet and wake up with it dry. Less heat, less damage, prettier hair.


Perfect your face's frame

Your eyebrows can make or break the way the rest of the makeup on your face is perceived.


I use a Mac brow pencil in Lingering to even out and make the tops and bottoms of my brows perfectly aligned. When my brow pencil runs out, I may as well be out of toilet paper. I go get another one the same day.


People are instantly drawn to someone who's smiling and find them likable, even if they've never even had a chance to speak to them. Plus it improves your mood, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure and lifts your face to make you look younger.

If not for anyone else, then smile for your baby. Babies learn everything from us. Why not teach happiness?

Vote for my blog if you forgive me for cheating on Project 31!

We Are A Top Baby Blog

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Do you believe in the "cry until he sleeps" method?
Day 8. Have a beauty secret (e.g. hair tip, make up tip)? Share, please!
Day 9. What virtues do you value in yourself?
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What are some of your favorite MAC products, and what foundation/powder do you wear?
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Day 14. Style 31. Post an outfit pic!
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  1. baby shampoo also works great for removing eye make up and it is supposed to prevent sties.

  2. I always love your tips, tricks and favorites!

  3. I dont know what your taking about I hadnt noticed a break ;) awesome blog haha.. I've caught up to you!!

  4. Lotion works amazingly well as a make up remover, too! And moisturizes at the same time!

  5. I took a one day break, too... No worries. Your blog. Your rules. And you really make me want to paint my nails. Now I just have to find some time!

  6. @Etosia (e-tasha) baby shampoo! how obvious, yet i never would have thought of it!

  7. @mandeeking746 thanks mandee! keeping up with these is kinda tough!

  8. I bought an eyebrow pencil today because I read your blog! I've never owned one before :D

  9. @Meeri really?! that's awesome!! AHH i soo hope you like yours!

  10. Thanks for the tips Meghann. I use 100% virgin Olive Oil to remove eye make-up, and nothing else. I find it's conditioning and removes every last trace of shadow/liner. Also, it's natural.

  11. Girl, I Seriously LOVE Your Clothes! You Always seem to be wearing such beautiful things, and I'am sitting here wondering... where in the Heck is this Woman getting these awesome Shirts... So with this I was Wondering, if You could Share, "Where do you get those Gorgeous Clothes"?!!!...

  12. @MizPearl90 thank you! that lacey shirt was a splurge - i got it a few years ago at Free People, which is an expensive brand, but i saw it in the window and couldn't stop myself :)