meet our first sponsor!

Bringing up Bumble has decided to accept its first ever sponsor, Thermomedics Thermometers.

I feel so bad for Carter when he's sick, all I want to do is take away his discomfort ... but instead I have to add to it by inserting a thermometer into his hoo-hah. The look on his face is so confused and defenseless.

Thermomedics has our problem solved. They have a thermometer that allows you to take your baby's temperature without insertion - or even touch - anywhere! Can you imagine how incredible it would be to check your sick, sleeping baby's temp without even having to wake him? It can even be used to check the warmth of bath water and bottles.

Head over to their web site and check it out!

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for Bringing up Bumble? E-mail me at for details.

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