easter weekend

Pictures speak thousands of words.
Leave it to me to tell you what really went down.


Enter: My step nephew (we'll just pretend that's a real relation for the purpose of labels), the most adorable 2 year old bubble blower you'll ever see.


I so wanted Carter to figure out how to blow bubbles. He just stole the wands, ate Cheetos and wouldn't let me wipe his mouth.

Carter and his Grandpa. Papa.
Or as it came out, Nappa.
Ok, so we don't know what we're calling him yet.
Meet my dad!




We got over our grass phobia. By the end of the weekend, he was running barefoot through it - only stopping occasionally to point out the "blech" on his feet.


Carter helped dye eggs.
But really, there was more nervous protection of sloshing, stainable liquids going on.




So sweet, right?
I'm only 95% sure she's not a relative.


We found one egg. Some impressive kids stopped their hunting hysteria to donate an egg or two to Carter's basket. I have to say, they're kinder kids than I would have been.






Microcynophobia: Fear of small dogs.
He ran and screamed in terror.


Aliurophile: A cat fancier.
The cat was three times bigger than that dog.


In which Almost Mommy of the Year is abruptly disqualified.






My dad's front yard.

The email account that I've used for 13 years got hacked into yesterday! I can't access anything & it's so blinding. I've tried recovering my account TWICE (it's a lengthy process), and the people at Hotmail tell me they take the privacy and security of their customers seriously, and I don't have correct info about myself, so I can't have it back. Kind of ironic that their high security allowed a hacker to get to me, and now he's snugly protected in my hotmail bubble. Grr.

It does make me feel a little better to publicly bash Hotmail for not giving my account back. So thanks for listening.

To the winners of the My Natural Baby Boutique giveaway - please email me at my new email, rMeghann@me.com, to claim your prize. My most hand-sanitized apologies for any notes you might get from me asking for dirty favors.

and this favor?
a clean one. for sure.
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  1. The same thing happened to my hotmail account so I deleted that one and made a new one, then it happened again twice. I switched permanently to gmail (it has takn some getting used to), but way less spam and no hacking. So, my husband switched haha. Love all the pictures and I totally want your dad's front yard! :D

  2. Awww so sweet Meghann. I love the picture of Carter kissing 'Nappa'.

  3. I totally support you bashing hotmail. I have an account with them and it is a nightmare experience at times. Sorry about the hacking! ug. Seriously, these pictures are WAY too cute. Love the kissy picture, the picture focussed on the eggs with your kiddo blurred behind and every other in between!! GREAT captures of your time. And the pictures with your dad, SO sweet!!

  4. Yep I made the move from Hotmail to Gmail a while back although it still exists. After prompting me to change codes every three months (my preggo-brain would not be able to handle that task now) it still got hacked and I lost a few of my work docs at the time. But persevere - get those date letters from years back and bid them farewell I say.

    Easter was less about hunting the eggs this year and more about eating them - ha. But next year we'll go all out when our baby boy arrives :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your email account. Like you said you've had that account for 13 years and had a problem recently. How can hotmail think that you'd remember all the info after that long? Anyway looks like a wonderful easter!

  6. Hi Meghann, I am N (a runner up). Did you get my email. . I sent it to the gmail addy. I can't wait to go shopping!!!

  7. @N i did get it, i forwarded your address to my natural baby boutique, they should contact you about your $15 code :)

  8. carter is so beautiful, by the way which camera are u using ur pics look so professional

  9. Meghann!! looks at those HOT legs of yours!... Do you work out? I'm on a life long mission to tone my legs

  10. Love the pictures! And why did I never think to put a foil pan under all the egg dying cups that are bound to spill and overflow...

  11. Love the pics Meghann...been anxious for another update since you posted this one. Love reading your blog :)