today i have an 18 month old

When pre-baby Meghann asked people how old their toddlers were, and they answered something like 19 and a half months, I wrote them off as weird and overbearing. Why not just friggin' say he's a year old? What's with new parents and all the overcalculating?

And now? Now I can tell you that the silly exactness of months is, in fact, meaningful. Because with each aging month, you really are dealing with someone new.

Today, I have an 18 month old.

Eighteen fun facts!


♥ When we ask him how he feels, he says Happy!

♥ He knows before his bath is over, he should put his toys back in the bucket and open the drain to let the water out.

(scroll down and pause the music player before you click Play)

♥ He started eating food instead of just picking. He'll cram strawberries or sauteed spinach into his mouth like they're candy. Other favorite foods? Edamame, apples & spaghetti.

♥ He has a small fear of walking on grass. He feels safer on cement.

♥ He can fit into a booster seat at restaurants.

♥ He waits by the door for his Daddy to come home from work.

♥ He calls his Grandma na-mah and points her out in pictures.

♥ His favorite book is No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. When I ask him what a monkey says, instead of saying ooh ooh, he points his finger and yells, no more no more no more!

♥ He won't say it, but he knows that signing the word Please will get him pretty much anything.

♥ He drapes clothes, cords, strings, jewelry or fabrics over his head, around his shoulders or around his arm and walks away waving, saying Bye bye.

♥ He just started holding his teddy bear under his arm when he sleeps.


♥ He runs to his Daddy to help him get out of bedtime. He knows Dada will pull him into our bed and let him snuggle.

♥ He makes a hobby out of finding things (lint, dirt, crumbs) to hand us that will get a reaction. His latest? Presenting whatever he can find in his nose.


♥ He yells UH OH! when my phone buzzes or something falls over.

♥ Cats went from a daily obsession to unimpressive toys. He either completely ignores them or tries to throw his ball at them.

♥ After he's done eating and I wipe his hands, he takes the damp paper towel from me and wipes his spot at the table.

♥ He entertains himself in the grocery cart by waving at every single person who walks by. When people see him waving and ignore him, I tell him not to worry, that he's still very cute.

♥ Seeing Mommy run his hilarious.

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  1. That's so true how quickly babies change. I can't imagine my ALMOST 12 month old saying "happy" yet or sleeping with her teddy bear right now, but she is learning SO FAST and I know that in 6 months she'll be a completely different baby. Those are such cute facts about Carter!

  2. This is so cute I love that you've taught him to say Happy for how he is feeling.. I have a friend who taught her twins the same and they are the most fun never angry/sad kids to be around. I nannied them all four years through high school :)

  3. I can't believe how far he has come! He is just so precious. It is kind of ridiculous. And I have to say I loved your comment on my name blog. LOVED IT. And I totally get what you meant too. ;) BTW, I actually love the name Carter. No joke. =p

  4. I love your blog!! I voted for you.

  5. he sleeps with his bear under his arm??? too freaking cute.

  6. Haha omg Meghann, Jacob and Carter do pretty much same Exzact things, I have Jacob unplug the drain after bath time, he says uh oh when something falls or if theirs a mess, he likes to take the paper towel and wipe his messes or wipes his own face lol. He Aldo says "ooooh!" when he sees something that fascinates him. Lol. Maybe all babies do same things at a certain month Of age. I am a mom who tells people my baby is 18 1/2 months old lol. Cause babies have certain milestones they learn at certain months in age.

  7. P.s. Does Carter notice every little thing? I call Jacob a hawk cus he notices everything! Nothing gets past his eyesight! Hejaz good eyes lol. If I hide something he will still find it. Or he'll notice me peaking at him from around a corner (when I'm trying not toilet him see me checking on him) but he always sees me peaking. Lol

  8. @Kyle and Court haha i was trying not to sound pretentious or something, but i knew you'd get what i meant! :P

  9. @ihilani you're right! i couldn't imagine him doing ANY of this stuff a month ago

  10. @mandeeking746 thanks! i know he doesn't exactly understand what we're asking/what he's answering, but it least it's getting subconsciously engrained in his head at a young age haha!

  11. @AmyLee sometimes it ends up on top of his head. there must be some great adjective for danger mixed with cuteness. i don't have it though.

  12. @Ruby i do a little shrug move when i tell ppl 18 months, just in case they're in the mindset i was in & think i'm weird haha

  13. @Ruby carter is great at finding what we hide - specifically remote controls and phones :)