borrowed socks

With 95 degree weather, I don't think grocery stores bottle enough juice to fill our Munchkin cup when we go outside. I've resorted back to winter tactics - finding indoor play places. The one we went to today was just meh. It didn't look any different than any other one we've been to - moon bounces that intimidate Carter, a few play sets and a section for littler kids. Except: as soon as we walked in, the desk guy eyed Carter's crocs and asked if we'd brought socks. Ermmm (95 degrees outside) no?

So he (graciously?) rummaged through a drawer and handed us a pair to borrow. NBD, tweeted my brain, they're probably pristine.

A No to the pristine part. They felt clean in my hand, but they were a little brown on the bottoms. I'm sure I sound stuck up to the extreme, but shared public things like, I dunno, socks for random, sweaty kid feet skeeve me out.

It took a good 10 minutes to talk Carter out of his newly jibbeted, Mickey Mouse crocs. He wore them from the second he got out of his crib today, so I had to hide them at the bottom of my purse. But the socks, he wore.

Playing kitchen. In a toy cabin. With a Dumb & Dumber haircut. Wearing public socks. Saying neeeee (cheese) when his mommy asks him to.

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  1. Funny, don't worry 2nd hand socks would make me think twice ha ha. He looks really different in this photo, I'm not sure if it's the cheeky smile or he's just really grown up.

  2. Wow, have not checked up on my little munchkin Carter in a while, he is still as handsome as I remember!

    I still praise you every time I walk pass those sweet & salty snack in the market! I remember when I had no idea what I was craving, when you made that video it made my pregnancy that much more enjoyable! thx again!