bubble machine

Today was weird. Different. Pretty incredible. Rather than focusing on all emotions depicting misery and defiance, Carter quietly held my hand and walked with me on our errands. He put nail polish bottles back on the shelves at the store when I told him to. He sat on my lap and participated like all the other babies do during circle time at Little Gym. He ran to wrap his hands around my head and give me kisses I hadn't even asked for.

I had a bubble machine from Christmas stored away for five months. The first time we used it, he was more focused on turning it on and off than the bubbles, so it was just wasting soap and batteries. Breathing in the leftover fumes from our good day, I dug it out of the linen closet.

Today he marveled in his very own bubbles decorating the air. We yelled popopopop and smashed them for an hour.







After that, I bundled up his shriveled fingers and toes, fixed him a milk and had our puppet Oscar the Grouch read him a book about hungry frogs 13 times in a row. If he'd asked, we would have read it 45 times more.

bubble butts get votes?
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  1. What a sweet boy! He was really loving Momma today. I'm glad you two had a great day =)

  2. Loving these photos they are amazing and the eyes oh!

  3. How fun! You got my vote. ;)

  4. You've got the perfect little boy! How could you have it any different anyway, you're the best role-model of a parent :)

  5. I want a bubble machine - these photos are so cute (not that all of them aren't), but I especially love this bathroom sequence!

  6. Carter has very big blue eyes,so beautiful eyes!

  7. This is such a great post. He has the best facial expressions ever !! Such a sweet sweet boy with a very loving mama ! :)

  8. holy cow he is too cute and that bubble machine is the coolest thing ever! I want to get one for Daisy! love that he enjoys reading. Daisy hasn't really gotten into it yet. Gotta keep working on that one!

  9. I've been reading and folowing your blog for awhile but never commented. I realy enjoy how candid and honest you are. Oh, your some is absolutely adorable, and you're so stylish!

  10. So cute, love those eyes!

    Everything ok with you guys?? Noticed less blog posting lately. Not complaining, just checking.

  11. Meghann,

    I've been watching your youtube videos since my pregnancy, and my baby boy is almost 8 months old now. I remember listening all of your good advice about what to expect each month and loving how you always looked so cute and "put together" throughout your whole pregnancy (you still do, by the way!) When I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, I continued following your blog because your interesting and witty posts always cheered me up. It helped me focus on NOT being sick, because it was the one thing I read every day that had nothing to do with cancer. It made me feel like my old self again: enjoying fashion, photography, and the joys of life with my baby. I just finished chemo treatments (yay!) and just wanted to let you know how inspirational your blog has been for me. I will always be one of your biggest fans!



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