dear baby blog,

Because every blog gets a little drama.

I just want to sit here and write to you about my thoughts on the sponsorship post I published yesterday. This has kinda been in the back of my mind ever since I clicked Publish Post. As my readers, I want you to completely understand the thought process behind the evolution of this blog.

Some of you might know I started blogging headstrong in the mindset that I wouldn't clutter my page with ads because, well, I told you I wouldn't. I kept it that way for a long time. Eventually I dabbled in a few small ads and reviews ... I was so flattered that people were asking about it. My blog is good? Ok, then.

Now I'm jumping feet first into the sea of monthly sponsorship.

But why?

Before I had Carter, I worked for four years at a desk job at TV Guide that I hated. I was so bored. Nobody offered praise to anyone. There wasn't a single drop of creative air in that office; I couldn't breathe.

Since that was during the hay day of Myspace, I played constantly with the design of my Myspace page and was obsessed with perfecting it creatively. I found my love for sharing the beauty of my life on the internet. Major bummer that Myspace had no actual role in anything that mattered. And believe me, as the queen of Myspace, if there were a way to make it important I would have figured it out and been the best at it.

During the end of my pregnancy and after I had Carter, I got deeper and deeper into blogging about him. Since I'd quit TV Guide to stay home, we lost an income we'd relied on but have managed to trudge through anyway.

And then I realized - the blogs I've idolized since the dawn of keyboards (her, her and her) are completely ridden with ads, reviews and giveaways; that's never made me love them any less.

Is it possible my readers won't get mad at me if I allow some sponsors? (and I also promise never to use the words Bliggity Blog?)

I've found cute clothes here and there from their sponsors' features. Baby stuff, too. The find that stunned me the most was an ad I saw for Diana's blog (Dear Carter) on Irocksowhat's page a couple months ago. She's adorable, yes. Incredibly intuitive thumb for blogging, yes. As I clicked over into her Blog Love section, I read that she was inspired by me to name her son Carter. I dropped to the floor.

Sponsors offer us connections. They give us all discounts and giveaways. They're showing us how to find them. Appealing? Click. Annoying? Ignore.

So, I went pantsdown and displayed giant sponsor prices like all the other bloggers. That post absolutely looks like I just blog for money.

Anyone who reads a single paragraph on my page knows that I really just want to tell you in every way, shape and form about my passion for my Carter. I also hope you've read each letter of my posts and picked up on the fact that I'm honest when I write - when I review something or tell you that I love it, I really do. If I don't like something, I won't review it. I don't want my page adorned in anything Carter, Matt and I don't admire or believe in. I'm way too obsessed with perfection for that. And, after all, this blog represents my son's life.

I'm one of the few people in the world working a job I love. My job is to stay home with Carter. To teach him. Take care of him. Document his life. I get paid in hugs and kisses. And now I can pick up a few extra packs of diapers at the store.

Ok and maybe another tube of lipgloss, too.


  1. Seriously meghann your post yesterday was totally understandable. Don't let peoples opinions effect how you want to blog all that matters is your happy with the content on your blog. At least thats how I look at it with my blog but your way bigger than I am. I actually referred someone to place a ad on your blog because I love it so much :)

  2. i actually enjoy the sponsors on blogs. I particularly like blogs that sponsor other blogs because then I find even more blogs I love to read. (ok, sorry I said blogs so many times lol)
    As long as you believe in each sponsor, i dont think anyone would mind

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  3. Meh, I say just do what you gotta do. I am just beginning to take part in PR/ad campaigns on my blog after not doing that stuff for 4 years. For awhile it made me nervous but hopefully my loyal readers will keep comin' back!

    Don't bat an eyelash at the naysayers ;)

  4. I love reading your blog and many others. Most of time I don’t pay any attention to ads, because I don't have much time with an 11 month old on my heels. I read the pertinent info and move on. However I do read most reviews. I would be willing to bet that any and all moms that I love and adore would always shoot me straight. I can tell you are a very genuine person and you do mean every word that you write. So I thank you for your honesty, integrity, and making me a better mom. By the way I still use the Aveeno calming comfort baby bath for myself. xoxo

  5. welcome to the world of ads & sponsorship! i'm with you... i totally had mixed feelings about how much i was gonna "sell out" my blog. but i don't allow any ads for things I don't personally like or blogs/products i think are just dumb. i don't need the $10 that bad :)

    and you love me you love me you love me??? i love YOU.

  6. I definitely love your blog just the same whether you have sponsors or not. It's your love for Carter and your personality that shine through your writing and that compel people to continue to read. I mean this blog is the reason why I made mine! Thanks for that and for the shout-out! Keep it up <3

  7. I think it is fine what you are doing. There is no harm at all in making a little money doing things you enjoy. Not only that but I have found a lot of cute things and things I really like by checking out your sponsors.

    -Amanda (mom of a wild and crazy 18 month old)

  8. I never have and never will mind any ads, plugs, reviews, giveaways etc. on your blog - I love it just the same and I often really like the stuff you review and sponsors you pick. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, this is YOUR blog and we're all just along for the ride (and thankful you allow us to be!).

  9. You're so great at what you do, and you're so good at being happy, so don't listen to anyone who has anything negative to say!
    Just please don't do reviews on things you don't believe in, we ll trust you 100%! It is so important to keep he authenticity that makes your blog unique. Others try but its so easy to see through them, you are different, its obvious you're 100% genuine and that's why you have he readership you do. So please don't change that and make t about products or other people's things. We love to hear about your life:)

  10. I think it's great that you posted your reasoning...if for nothing more than to remind your loyal readers that you are still blogging for the right reasons. I personally don't mind a giveaway or ad here or there...just don't lose your great content on the midst of all that (I see so many blogs that are just giveaway after giveaway and it kills the whole thing!).

    Do what you gotta do (lord knows we could all stand to make some money)...but keep on posting about that precious boy! You inspire the rest of us...


  11. @mandeeking746 thanks mandee & that was awesome of you to refer someone! let me know if you ever need a favor :)

  12. @Southern Wifey i kinda enjoy them too! especially when they want to give a discount & it's just fun to see bloggers trying on different clothes & stuff like that, it mixes up the daily routines. blogs that advertise on other blogs really draw me in because you can tell they really care about their blog & want it to be loved

  13. @molly i agree, if someone really likes a blog, they'll enjoy seeing what you have to say about companies & products here and there

  14. @Jessica thanks jessica! i need to get more aveeno baby bath, it's been a long time! xo

  15. @Anonymous Yikes to 18 month olds! they never miss a beat! (i'm obviously still in the mindset that that's carter's age - even though he's almost at 20). at the eye dr yesterday, the receptionist said "just looking at him makes me exhausted"
    that's also what i thought, making money doing something you love isn't a bad thing. if it were thousands of dollars, i might feel weird about it