beach horror


I really thought this was our year.

Last year Carter just ate sand and cried at the beach, since he wasn't walking. This past weekend we went for round two at OBX; he couldn't even calm himself enough to let his feet hit the sand. He was scared to sit on a towel. Scared near the water. Just scared if he wasn't being held.

Needless to say, it wasn't more than ten minutes until we were hauling our gear back to the house for a nice, long nap.

Post-nap time cocktails by the pool. Nappy hour?

Carter just doesn't travel well, and when you throw scary new cribs, 15 new family member faces and roaring beaches into his mix, you get a weekend with nothing but tears.

We befriended a mini Jamie Lee Curtis. She wanted him to play with her but couldn't understand why he was so emotional the whole time. I was swimming in the pool with her (since Carter was too nervous to get in), and she gave me a confused look with her eloquent little toddler speak, But he's just my size?

He is your size. But you're a little bigger than him, so you have to show him how to not be scared.

Because I wish I could.

He slept for 13 straight hours in his crib last night.


  1. Yeah Alyson doesn't do too well on trips either, it takes her a few days to chill out lol. I love going to the beach but all Alyson wants to do is eat the sand which kind of sucks in a way. Maybe next time it will be better for you guys.

    Oh Jazmyn

  2. Looove the OBX, we're hoping to go next year with my husbands family :)

    Poor kid, keep trying, he may become a beach bum yet ;) My little brother was terrified of the ocean until he was 5, then that year he turned into a little fish!

  3. Poor Carter!
    Maybe next year? I hope Tucker will love the beach! Next year this time will be perfect! Can you believe he's 4 months already?!

  4. @Kaity (As We Grow) next year tucker will be about carter's age, hopefully he won't be nervous at the beach, too! xoxo

  5. @Melissa and Brew we stayed in Duck, it was a really nice area :) i hope he likes it some day, it's so much work to haul him there and then turn around and go right back! haha

  6. @Jazmyn Alexandria we only had the one day there, maybe if we had more time, he would have liked it after awhile, it was also super hot that day so that didn't make it easier for him