little gym graduation

Tonight we celebrated Carter's second ever graduation. His first? Graduating from the little jaundice tanning beds when he was four days old. (Anyone who's ever agonized over her newborn fighting jaundice will agree, that totally counts as a major feat.)

I'm being weird. Just nod your head and smile.








We signed him up for the summer session in two weeks with his little friend (well, I mean, they hugged once) from class. They're moving up from Birds to Beasts together. I can't wait to see the new activities we're going to learn with the bigger toddlers.

When it was time to go, he stood beside the door and Bye-byed everyone as they went to their cars. We went to go pick up milk and let him loose in the store. It took us forever to get out of there because he started up with the Bye-byes to every human within a one-mile radius again. How nice to meet you, repetitive stage. Repetitive stage. I think he's amazed that just by smiling and using a specific phrase, he can trigger laughter and waving from any given person. That's enough to make any toddler feel like a powerful magician.

Besides a tantrum, of course.


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He had a happy day. So. My daily mission, accomplished.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I love your blog - and look forward to your posts! You and Carter are absolutely adorable! :)

  2. Hi Meghann, Love your blog ( and your youtube) I noticed that Matt and Carter have matching outfits, it made me smile as I have noticed my little boy and my hubby do the same :-)

  3. He is so adorable! Looks like a really fun activity for little kids. Congrats to Carter!

  4. Your Little Gym posts always look like so much fun! They make me wish we had one around here.

  5. Aaw, fun time and such a nice accomplishment! Yay Carter! His smile is getting cuter and cuter :)) Yes, I'm with you...a newborn getting over jaundice is such a huge major accomplishment!

  6. Precious! The Little Gym is awesome.

  7. AWWW, too cute!! I think Daisy would enjoy a little kiddie gym too!

  8. @May he's smiling more & more lately, i'm getting it in lots of pictures :)

  9. @Jillian they've matched better in the past, in this post matt's wearing black & carter's wearing navy. it's so cute when they match!

  10. He is adorable!! Absolutely precious with his medal! And we had a jaundice billi light baby and I totally agree that getting that over and done with deserves a major celebration!