water & wood

Last year, Carter & I did a baby swim class. He didn't love the pool, but he definitely didn't hate it. I'm sure by now, he's forgotten all about it. (Aside from coming to terms with revealing my own super-pale, less than worked out body) I wasn't worried when I took him to the pool this afternoon.

He was so nervous. After initially carrying him on my hip into the water and his borderline whining/crying, he got out and ran away. I tried talking him back into the pool with me for a good 45 minutes.



Eventually he caved a little and stood on the shallowest stairs, throwing his shoes back and forth with me. Splashes were enough to distract from the fear. Whenever someone across the pool jumped in, he pointed and yelled OH NOO! in horror. As in, the person had accidentally fallen in and died.

Some teenagers started crowding the pool. We sat by our chair and watched them jump around and wrestle. Correction. Carter watched, I took pictures of him.



(I'm kinda liking him in the Justin Bieber pool hair)



Without hesitation, he decided he wanted to be just like the fearless kids. We toddled back to the water. He jumped from the edge into my arms. A giant smile decorated his face with proudness underneath cascading splashes. Ah, baby sign language. He points to his palm. Again? We jump again.

Again? Hysterical giggles.

Again? Hysterical giggles.


Ten Again? jumps later, my biceps burned, and I clenched my teeth in pain. But did I stop? Oh no. I've never seen him bursting with happiness the way I did today. Every jump was just as fun as the first one. My toes scraped themselves raw on the bottom of the pool as I braced myself for each launch and relift. I managed some sneaky breaks spinning and swimming him through the water. But not for long before we were back to lifting and jumping.

Maybe I'll get that worked out bod this summer after all.

I bribed him to leave by telling him Daddy was home. We wiggled Carter into some dry clothes and an oversized Paddington bear-ish hat to go check on the house. It's going up so. fast.






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  1. oh i love that he loved the water!! what a cutie!! :)

  2. Ooooh Goodness, this made me tear up. You are such a good mommy :) So adorable imagining him getting the courage to jump in and then to sign 'again' over and over laughing and smiling as he braved each jump !! :)

  3. The things we do for our little ones. That is a mothers love huh. You are amazing and I can only imagine how cute it must have been to see him jumping over and over again and giggling. Love it!! Your house is looking SOOOO nice...coming along little by little! I bet you are getting so excited!!!

  4. wow, the house is starting to really take form. Isnt it so exciting? were doing projects here and there on our house and I get so excited seeing the improvements finished.
    absolutely loving the fact that carter loves the water. I home when I have children they love the water just as much as i do!

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  5. The house is going up quick!! But thats good though less time in your apartment. I was wondering if I could email you some questions about how you did specific things on your blog? Somethings you just cant google to get answers for :)

  6. Haha, that is so cute. It is great how they go from fearful to fearless so quickly.

  7. they are really working quick on your house! congrats!! and the pictures of carter are so cute!

  8. @Modisch Schreibt it was really cool, i felt like i was sitting on the side of the pool watching us

  9. @Casey Martinez i think i'll get REALLY excited when the interior starts :)

  10. @Southern Wifey i don't get to lay on a raft and tan in the pool anymore, but it's just as fun playing with the baby :)

  11. @Rachel @ Linesacrossmyface i'm finding out that all it takes is another kid to convince them something is fun