a baby by any other name would not smell as sweet


We got the sweetest, personalized, matching bean bags and pail from Maria at babyKAMP. I'm still deciding what to keep in the pail (little trains and cars? you think?).

But Carter's had no problem deciding that the lettered bean bags are great for kissing (we kiss everything these days), then throwing at Daddy to trigger his own personal giggle fit.

They're going to be perfect to teach fun name-spelling skills later on.


I'm blown away by the level of detail extended into Maria's work, from the matching tissue and tulle wrapping to the perfectly stitched lettering, no aspect was skipped.

Her site has tons to pick from and personalize. If Carter were a Carterina, I'd so have him her in these. But I can't even convince Matt to let me pick up a pack of Huggies denim diapers - he thinks they look like daisy dukes. And I guess they do, but with babies, there's supposed to be that whole gender flexibility thing going on ... ? right?

You can get 15% off your order at babyKAMP when you enter the discount code BUMBLE15 (from now until June 30, 2011).


  1. My mom picked up a pack of those denim diapers for my daughter. Hilarious!

  2. in LOVE with this post and the pics!!! so adorable!!

  3. Oh, my gosh I love this! I have to get the bucket and bean bags right away! Thanks for posting!

  4. ummm, these pictures may have been so freaking cute that i stole them to use on my blog for a bean bag giveaway! don't worry, i gave you credit.


  5. So sweet. I just may order some bean bags for my son and for a baby shower gift! And I totally agree what a fun way to learn to spell your name! They are adorable!


  6. Oh those are really cute, I think I might just have to buy some of those for my little girl! :)

    Oh Jazmyn