15 days until new house bliss.

I'm counting the hours until we shed this apartment. The drains are always jammed, I have no windows, nowhere to neatly put toys, and the florescent light in the kitchen hurts my brain. Plus, the cat litter finally made the garage permanently smelly.

Yep. I just admitted to smelliness.

I hung at our house for a good hour today, until Carter's hair was completely strung with sweat. But wow, is it fun taking pictures in a place that's thick with window light.

Poor Carter. I'm always in his face.

Paint on the front door.

The master bathroom's shower is up. I've never been shower curtain-free before. I'll let you know how it goes.
Bonus? There's even water running. (I should have taken a shower! We were all kinds of sweaty.)

The washer & dryer arrived.

Appliances are here, but not installed.

The wood on the banisters was stained to match the floors.

We took some time to run back & forth on the porch, set the camera, giggle and pose. I'm glad we'll have years to clunk the camera onto the railing and line ourselves up, because today we just couldn't get centered & focused.

The kitchen faucet was accidentally upgraded to a pretty brushed nickel version. We're not complaining (or even reporting, for that matter).

In other news, Carter's finally unhumbled himself enough to attempt saying his own name. For the longest time, he'd just point to himself when we asked him to say Carter. Now, when he sees a picture of himself, he admits that's Tih-tah.

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  1. Your house is lovely! I'm so excited for you. I'm from Australia and we moved into our new home 3 months ago...our process from start to finish took 15 months though, I can't believe how quickly it's done over there! We lived in a tiny 2 bedroom home with our 3 little ones and we were just busting to get out of there! BTW, I'm not sure what you decided on the garage door but I liked the Pebble, ours is the same colours as yours and it all blends really nicely. All the best x

  2. YAY I am so excited for you guys :) I thought though I would give you a tip on how to clean those wood floors.. Seriously get a steam mop my mom's house is entirely wood floors and she used to have to hand dry the floor with towels or the wood would split apart. Its much quicker too less hassel.. I should be a steam mop seller haha :) Happy thursday

  3. @Sarah congratulations on your new house, sarah! i bet you understand that "i can't wait one more minute to get in that house" feeling. it's killing me! i think for the garage i'm leaning towards keeping the pebble now, and matt's wanting the white back. i can't believe how the votes turned out practically 50/50

  4. @mandeeking746 thanks mandee! i'm definitely already paranoid about hurting the floors, i'm scared to even walk on them. thanks for the tip, i'm going to remember that when we go shop for some essentials soon.

  5. I love the new house it's really coming together!
    I bet you don't wanna use anything and ruin the nice shiny new look hehehe x x x