born on the fourth of july


Today was Matt's birthday! I can't quite explain it, but I have this sense of proudness for him today. The simplest way to put it - I'm happy he was born.

He had to work. (Apparently there's a world out there where birthdays and national holidays are less important than making vaccines. Hmph.) But when he got home, we made enchiladas and drank Dos Equis with squeezed limes. I baked a cake, too, but it wasn't picture worthy. It stuck to the pan and crumbled everywhere. Carter wouldn't even eat it.

I got Matt the things he's always talked about wanting, but felt bad spending money on. A decadent, scented men's shampoo and some clean-cut shoes.


So now Carter and Matt have matching Topsiders. I'm kinda aching for a pair now, too ... the girls' version, of course. We'd have to change our family name to The Topsiders.


  1. I think that shampoo is the greatest smelling shampoo ever, lovely choice!
    Happy Birthday :-)

  2. My husband and I have so many Sperry Topsiders. It is really insane. They have a lot of cute shoes for women that aren't your typical boat shoe. I'm sure once we have children, they will be wearing them too.