come on in

There weren't any house changes today, the workers weren't even there. But it was a good day for snapping pictures without having to worry that we'd get our toes nailed to the floor.






(Entrance to the master bedroom.)



I'm just going to tell you my secret for that last picture. I saw how pretty the light was hitting the floor beside the railing, and I was dying to get a picture with Carter beside it, but he No'd me and was doing the opposite of everything I asked. So I had to tell him Thomas the Train was downstairs. Totally worked.

Aside from getting ready for our trip, we're working on researching prices for a train table in Carter's future playroom. So. Expensive.


  1. Looking lovely and I can't believe how fast it's gone up!

    As for the train table, well I know you're pretty creative....there are some pretty nice little train sets you can buy cheaply (wooden ones) which I'm sure you could make into a table...just a thought.
    Have a fantastic trip x

  2. OH my gosh your new house going to be absolutely gorgeous! I am excited to see the finished result {which I am sure you are too! ;-) it seems like those things always take forever!} I know how you feel on the "no" from the little ones on picture taking. My guy can't talk yet but he runs from me when I ask him to look at me when he knows I have the camera! It's so frustrating sometimes.

  3. Just a thought-Target has the Circo brand train tables for pretty reasonable. I think we spent 80 on Braxtons. Your house is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!

  4. we have this one and my son loves it!

  5. Train tables are SO expensive esp. if you get the thomas the train kind. My son LOVES the Barnes and Noble table so naturally we looked into it for his second birthday and the prices are unreal! We have decided to get a regular wooden train table that the thomas the train pieces will work on. We have found some good deals that way but still have not made our decision. The best part is that many of the tables come with the trains too so when we decide to add the Thomas the train pieces we can do it slow which is good since each individual train is crazy expensive too. Also as a plus the Thomas the train pieces can be used as motivational tools! (If your very good maybe we can go pick out a train today...)

  6. how EXCITING!!! i cant wait till we build our dream home :)

  7. try some kid consignment shops for a train table! and craigslist!