don't use the crushed ice! (and other new house discoveries)

I wish I could credit this picture to the destructive tendencies of my wide-eyed, almost two year old. Back in the 80's when the crushed ice option on refrigerators was a major luxury, my little friends always ran over to stop my cup, We're not allowed to use the crushed ice! 

But WHY?! Nobody could ever really tell me. But now, being the happy owner of my own ice-crushing fridge, I know.
I battle this ice machine - obviously programmed to sputter its chaos and ding sensitive wood floors. But I'm not giving up. Raspberry lemonade brimming with tiny ice chunks is soo worth all the mopping.

I'm finding my stuff! I've been looking for this skirt for 3 years. THREE! Maybe even four. I was so excited to find it hanging in between bunch of my musty, old cocktail dresses.
Don't worry, I washed it.

A discovery that's kinda changed my mood for the worse is ... my face. My bathroom has a giant window flooding the mirrors with natural light.

I've never put on makeup with this much light before, and it's starting to really get me bummed. I used to have so much fun with my makeup. But seeing all these little sags and divets flitting themselves into my skin? Ugh. There's nothing to cover them.

Our grass is incredibly sittable. 

It's a funny feeling, worrying about something like watering grass. Carter gets offended if a single drop of sprinkler water hits him. But then again, there's not much that doesn't offend him, he's well on his way to some terrible twos.


  1. use smashbox primer. all the little lines magically dissappear and POOF! Your eyes look like you're 20 again!

  2. Hello there! For some crazy reason, I don't think I've ever stumbled upon your blog before... even though I've seen it on TBB more than once. Oh well. I'm now your newest follower!
    PS: we're getting settled into a new house right now, too.

  3. @JKL i used to use that a couple years ago, I was under the impression it was for oil control, i had no idea it helped even out stuff like old ladyness! YAY i'm so going to look into giving it another try! thanks jenney!

  4. @Jess hi jess! thanks for following! there are a few i see on tbb too and just never have time to do all the clicking. congrats on your new house! my feet hurt nonstop for the first 2 weeks of unpacking, they're getting better now though! haha

  5. I completely know how you feel about the natural light. I have always had natural bags, but I swear all that light makes me feel like I look sooo much older then I am. Love your skirt that you found! Its so much fun when that happens!

  6. Aww bless Carter lol not very happy there. I loved the ice crusher when I still lived at home years ago now, although yes it did end up everywhere half the time :)

  7. Yikes - and I thought I wanted natural light in our bathroom to get a natural finish. Best keep me in the dark I think! You look fab so no worries there XxJoey

  8. Oh your so pretty!I wish my skin looked more like looks flawless....I love this picture of you! You look so pretty! So if it makes you feel better! I am jealous your sooo pretty! lol in a good way though!

  9. Hi Meghann! So, I've been reading your blog for quite a while. Long time lurker, first time comment-er. In one of your older posts, I saw that you were going to indoor play places, and you couldn't find any places to go. So, I know the PERFECT place for Carter. It's called Marbles Kids Museum ( Do you live in NC, near downtown Raleigh? This museum is a hands-on museum inspiring play for kids exactly like Carter. I think he would love it. Anyways, I love Carter and your blog, and wish you all the best!


  10. If you put your glass around the dispenser the crushed ice shouldnt be able to get out and all over the floor that is what I do with my moms ice crusher on her fridge. You should check out its a home decor I saw it in a magazine this last weekend and it might give you some good ideas.