first day of fall

We pumpkinized our front step. I like that Cart'er's my excuse to buy whatever holiday items I want. This is just my meager start to the holiday season; our new house is going to be dripping with scarecrows, hay bails, Christmas lights, bows and wreaths this year.




I'll leave you with some of my Friday finds from this week.

Wishing I had the money for this adorbs dress. And this one, too.

The best wedding video I've ever seen.

A cute idea.

I got my first dinner compliment from Matt in years when I made this the other day.


  1. I love the pumpkanized term! hehe. I too wish to have my house overflowing with all things Fall!! I just LOVE that festive feel in a home!!! Carter is too precious!!

  2. hehe that word just fell into my bran from out of the sky. i feel so much more holiday spirit now that carter's getting to an age where he'll notice new things, it makes me excited!

  3. Okay, i'll admit it here...I stole and re-pinned that gorgeous dress on pinterest. I don't wear dresses often, but I do love that dress! The colour is beautiful too, and probably one of the only ones to compliment my red hair! You would rock it though!!
    Loving the pumpkins! Would love the seeds toasted in butter even better though!!
    Glad all is going well for you guys in your new home x

  4. Hi Meghann, I think your photography skills are amazing! May I ask what camera you are using?

  5. @Anonymous thank you! i use a nikon d40 with a zoom lens - i think it's a nikon dx 55-200 mm lens. honestly that lens does all the artistic work for me :)

  6. Wow ! Those pumpkins are massive ! Great photos by the way.

  7. Meghann, as much advertising as you do for nikon I bet you could email them and get a new camera or camera accessories if you pushed it! =)

    Also, I love the fall decor. I too get crazy excited for holidays and have a little one (22 months) who is just now beginning to get excited about things such as "Puuunkens". Haha, I told my husband when we start looking for a new house to go ahead and include decor into our expenses. He was like, "sure for new furniture and etc." and I was like, "NO for holiday stuff!" =)

  8. Beautiful photos, Carter is adorabe! ;)