halloween dress rehearsal

The night Carter wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind.


And another.


His mother called him Wild Thing, and then whipped out her computer to upload pictures.

I thought kids were supposed to be EXCITED about their Halloween costumes?! As in, dressing up should be regarded right up there with Disney World and having your own pony. Carter's scared of his Max costume, even though we've read Where the Wild Things Are multiple times a night for the past month. He loves Max.

Or loved.

I don't get it. My tactic was to have him try it on and wear it until he got used to it, seeing it wasn't scary anymore. Once I wiggled it on him, I tricked him into focusing on a lollypop and walking outside to look at trucks so he'd forget about it. Which worked for a minute here and there.


We wandered around the house with my visions of my favorite holiday going down in shambles and his tear-filled blames of No way! mixed with prying pulls at different ends of the costume.


I explained to him that if he's dressed like Max, we'll get to go around to lots of houses and get Yellows (what he calls M&Ms) and more lollypops. Does that sound good? I ask.
Oh. A long pause. Yeah! he beams.

We'll see if he understood me.


Wish us luck this Halloween. I mean, at least it fits.

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  1. Bless him he looks adorable !
    My little brother growing up hated dressing up completely against it, and hats aswel for some reason.
    I keep seeing all these adorable little ones dressing up and wish I lived out there with you guy as we don't reli celebrate it here in the UK :( Oh well maybe we should take a holiday over to the US just for halloween next year !

  2. Forgot to say Good Luck ;)

  3. awwww he is just the cutest....my little one is going to be a dragon I brought from Carter's, but he's only four months so he's too small to be scared of it...I wish u luck with Carter ! ; )