I wanted to avoid generic characters like Elmo and Thomas decorating the house for Carter's second birthday, so the party was themed with trucks and jeeps because, well, that's all he talks about. Ever.  

Here's what I threw together.

Oreo cupcakes (Pinterest inspired!) I made these from scratch, icing and all. They were delicious. (Store bought icing is delicious, too. And way less work.)

I found these cupcake toppers on Etsy.

Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Pinterest inspired, too.

Seven kids crammed into Carter's playroom and gave those outdated, plastic baby toys a run for their money. I've never seen Carter so happy.
When anyone escaped the playroom, we kept them busy making canvas monster puppets, beading bracelets and eating sugar.

So far, I've found Two to be kinda refreshing. I've waited for a long time to be able to conversate with this fragrant little being, and now that he's understanding me and giving me answers and opinions, we really have graduated from infant and come into this entirely untouched way of getting to know each other. Communication. I love it. As it turns out, he's naturally just a really cool, simple person. Who knew?


  1. You did such a great job! It is so much having conversations with toddlers, and it just gets better as they get smarter. Watching their personalities come through is so interesting. Ethan has evolved into a very green earth conscicence child.

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all at Carter`s party! You did a really good job:-) It`s lovely when you can finally start to converse with your little one, they make you laugh even more every day. My son has got me into trouble a few times too! He just says what he sees and you have to acknowledge or they keep on shouting whatever embarrassing thing they see (In my son`s case it was an old man with lots of sun spots "LOOK mummy, spots...look..SPOTTTSSSSS"!!! You looked stunning as usual by the way:-)

  3. Where did you find the stuff for the pepper monsters??? Am throwing a first bday party for my twins and am looking for a craft that's not too messy! Love this and everything else!

  4. Great job on the party ! I cant wait to do my son's 1st bday party. I love the idea of the puppets as a craft. :) Although its not till June I like to plan ahead. I would love to know how u made the cookies with the oreos in them they looked delicious.

  5. So precious! All of it! Happy Birthday Carter!!

  6. hey, what camera are you using for the pictures. they are really nice. would like to use it on our blog.

  7. Aww glad he had a fun birthday!! Great photos! And I love the theme! :)