cover blown.

I love having a boy, but I really feel like one of the great handicaps of my Carter's gender hits its pitfall in the clothing department. Little girls can get away with wearing princess dresses and tutus whenever the mood strikes. Not to mention tights, leggings, jeggings, knee socks, bows, skirts, you name it. The most I can offer Carter is a Thomas T-shirt and maybe the occasional hat with ears.

Last week Carter got a CAPEkid tee from Leap of Faith Clothing. My plan was to pull it over him and take a picture of the reaction on his face simultaneously. It's sooo blurry, but I'm sharing anyway because I want you to feel the proudness radiating off his little chest and warming the light of your computer screen.


Our culdesac is safer, and women of all ages weaken at his passing. The little bumble we knew is no more. Meet Captain Carter.


The cape attaches with two small, matching velcro patches on the shoulders of the shirt, so you can easily take it off and on. Leap of Faith was spot on with this awesome toddler trend (for boys and girls). It's so fun for him to wear and explore stores while we're doing our Christmas shopping; the surprised admiration on fellow shoppers' faces swooning down in his direction never gets old. I'm mentally tagging this one as our next birthday party theme idea.

Go get your little hero's CAPEkid tee personalized for FREE with the coupon code CAPEFREE. If you want to share this idea with your friends, you can go Like their Facebook page!


  1. That is such a good idea!
    Carter is so freakin' cute!!!

  2. Look at how proud he is of that little cape! He's so adorable.

  3. Sooo cute! I just love the one of him running and watching it behind him! ;)

  4. How adorable is he? I agree there isn't much variety for boys as there are for girls. I go into Gap, babies R us, & other places and it's quite clear there's a lot more available for love the shirt he looks cute in it :)

  5. oh my gosh how freaking cool is that shirt and cape! And his expression you captured really is priceless!! Someone is very happy to be wearing airplanes. Such a darling little guy!

  6. I just LOVE him! No, really, I do! I don't comment much but have been reading and youtubing for quite a while. He is growing up so fast. I remember when he was a baby!!! :D

  7. soo cute..i might have to get one for my little man! thanks for the post :)

  8. I just ordered mine!

    "Super Brennan" will be arriving soon :D

  9. He's soooo adorable. Which you already know. Sorry, I can't help but type it anyways. Such a cute idea! Great pictures of him!