Ask Me Anything

The latest trend in blogging is a web site called Formspring being used as a fun question/answer type thing, so I figured I'd try it out! Click here to ask me anything. Here are some of the questions I've answered so far:

Are you naturally thin or do you diet? You're soo thin!

Naturally thin ... I was picked on a lot when I was growing up because I was soo skinny & bony!

Would you rather be really hot or really cold?

Hot, because that usually includes a tan. :)

Do you believe in fate?

Yes. I know we have choices, but I also believe things happen for a reason.

What was your favorite birthday gift?

When I was 9 I got a hamster, I can't remember ever being more excited on my birthday.

Please click on the link provided to ask me a question. Don't ask through the comment section of this post. I'm only answering questions that I get through the link above. I'll post a new blog with all my answers in a few days. xoxo!

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  1. how much do you weight and have you lost all the baby weight