Waiting for Bumbler

Years before I was pregnant, or even planning to be pregnant, Matt and I would walk up and down the beach during the summers and instead of looking for shells, we'd point out the chubby little beach babies to each other. "Matt, look at that little bumbler!"

I've always gawked at babies on the beach, with their big floppy hats and the fat rolls on their arms and thighs. During the years we were trying to conceive, admiring the beach babies sometimes felt like a cruel joke.

This year, we had our own addition to the beach bumble population. Bringing a baby to the beach is a lot of work; sand gets in his eyes and mouth, he needs to be completely covered in sunscreen, and we almost always manage to get all our beach gear loaded up right when it's time for Carter's nap.

Despite the chaos, I did get a chance to sit back and stare at Carter sleeping on Matt's chest under the umbrella and think to myself, "We did it."

It was an amazing 5-second wave of satisfaction. And even if we don't get to go back while Carter's this little in the next month or so, we had a baby on the beach. It was awesome.


  1. How precious! I love how he's smiling while he splashes in the water! I hope to have a little beach bumbler one day myself! God bless!

  2. adorable :) i love his two little bottom teeth!!

  3. He's soo cute!

  4. I love your blog and I just wanted to let you know I left you a little something on my blog! : )

  5. Hey Meghann- I'm a blogger also :o) been reading your blog since I delivered my little man in Jan 2010. I love reading your post. Take care hun!