I'm Tired

This isn't an elaborate blog post. I just want to write and say that Carter was awake trying to nurse from 12:30 a.m. until 3 a.m. last night, then up at 7:30 a.m. for the day. My nerves are shot!

What was so frustrating about it was that after a few minutes, he had drank all my milk, but he couldn't go back to sleep and he didn't want to stop nursing. He kept calling it "nana" (I think he took the N sound from "nursing.") And now that he's got the "mamas" down, it was a sad, whiney, nonstop mix between nanana and mamama.

So, thinking he was still starving, I went down and made my first late night formula bottle - I warmed it up and everything. He wouldn't drink it. I have no idea what's up with him lately, I think I'm not making enough milk for him.

On a side note, I got him a xylophone yesterday at Target. He LOVES it, he was even playing with it while he was sitting in the cart.


  1. check out Fenugreek- it will help you produce more milk- only you have to take 6 or more!! depending on how much extra you want to make- its an indian herb- all natural... and safe!! but just to throw this out there- the more he nurses the more you will make- and even tho you dont think your making enough you probably are- GOOD LUCK!!! <3

  2. I agree with Fenugreek...and Blessed Thistle...and Stinging Nettle tea :)

  3. You are probably actually producing enough milk, but 9 months is a normal time to go through a growth spurt, or maybe he is working on a milestone. So many mothers think they have milk supply issues when they actually don't. By now your milk supply is well established, unless he has decreased his nursing amount or time at the breast (which it doesn't sound like he has) you are probably producing enough milk. Also he may be nursing just for the comfort of it, because babies this age still do that :)

  4. Oh Meghan, I must respond to the tweet you posted this evening on your Dr.'s advise to starve Carter. How very insensitive of your Doctor to advise you to starve an innocent, young child. Does he practice what he preaches? Perhaps other alternatives should be considered. Have you attempted to feed him in various amusing places and not always on his high chair! Intercept what amuses and entertains Carter and attempt to feed him while he is playing. My 7 month old daughter had a phase where she was fed while soaking her feet in the kitchen sink playing happily with the water. When a child this young is punished by being starved his expectations and his basic necessities are thwarted.
    Do consider thus continuing to nurse Carter as it seems that nursing is his only comfort being that he does not enjoy a pacifier. In my opinion, and from experience of being the mother of 2 beautiful girls, Carter's unexpected need to nurse is in every possibility due to his discomfort of teething. This painful discomfort, though bothersome to any mother is but a passing phase.
    Carter is indeed blessed to have two such compassionate and caring parents as you and your husband.
    Yours truly,

  5. I totally agree with Monica....Those charts are both FORMULA and breastfeed babies. I have learned being a mommy now of two is NOT to compare my child to these charts. Carter is healthy and happy. I am sure he had a toothache or maybe even a belly ache. You ARE making enough milk, supplementing would be the only thing to make your supply less. Formula, well, formula is basically a factory made, vitamin added "substance" with "corn syrup solid and oil" as the main ingredient. You don't need THAT to make your son sleep better. Every day is different, kids go through stages. He needs YOU sometimes and nursing has been his comfort from day one. My daughter is 4 and will still get up sometimes, its never ending, you just have to roll with the punches and laugh. When I had my son I did not expect too much because I know it a crazy first year, some nights he will sleep 5 hours, but most nights its 2-3. Carter is doing fine, don't worry about "charts".

  6. OH, and one more thing.... only 12% of mothers breastfeed after 6 months.....so those "charts," 88% of those babies are formula fed. You can't compare. My husband and I get so upset when doctors tell new moms these things to make them feel that their bodies are capable of caring for their child. For food, my son (7 months) loves fresh made stews (potato, brocolli) just throw potato's a little meat(preferably grass fed beef for little ones) and some onions and he goes crazy for it. Or just boil some potato's/carrots/yams. My son also LOVES bread. My husband has a great recipe very simple ingredients. :)
    You are a great mom

  7. Hey girl!! I'm not sure you remember me because you encounter countless girls singing your praises daily (hehe, how do you stay so humble??) but I left you a lengthy comment on your Youtube. My name on there was AdelynsMama. Anyhow, I decided I would follow suit and make a blog!!!

    Anyway, I feel your pain on the nursing in the night thing. Adelyn is 7 months and still wants to nurse all night and I am so frustrated with it. She will not take a bottle believe it or not so I am her only source of milk. As much as it pains me to see you struggling with the nightly nursing sessions, selfishly I feel a little better that someone else in the world shares my dilemma. Everyone in my peer circle pretty much uses formula and I feel like that affects sleep habits so I find myself feeling a little estranged sometimes. I love nursing and giving my baby what is best, but is sure does come with a lot of sacrifices and anxiety!!! I hope this phase passes very soon for lil Cart! :)


  8. Thank you all! You guys are incredibly smart!
    Monica & Amber,
    Thank you for these really awesome, insightful comments. Your advice makes so much sense. We decided not to go along with the 'starving" tactic ... Monica, I tried the toes in the sink think, I was totally shocked and how well it worked, he was having so much fun and opening his mouth for every bite I gave him! It made a huge mess, but it was still crazy to me! Amber, I took your advice with the bread, it turns out he really likes it, I feel like I'm feeding a little duck :) You're right, 88% of the babies on the charts are formula fed, so of course breast fed babies will fall a lot lower, that makes so much sense!

    I feel good about nursing too, but it does become a pain after awhile to be his main source of nutrition. Keep trying with the bottle, their preferences change as they get older (Carter looks at old toys he's had forever in amazement now). I feel pigeonholed too with the whole sleep thing, I feel like nursing got us into habits we're having a really tough time breaking!

    xoxo to all of you and your babies!!