They aren't even real

Baby shoes. I don't understand them.
If you feel the soles of the pre-walking baby shoes, you'll notice they're not actually shoes. The bottom of the shoe is pretty much plastic cloth.
Aggravating foot decor.

Although I'll admit they're probably my absolute favorite baby items to browse in stores ... yet Carter has worn shoes maybe once or twice in his entire nine months of life.

Don't get me wrong, I think they look awesome; they pull an outfit together. I also think they're made for only the most organized, patient mother/father teams.

After prying them on his chubby feet - and already running late - Carter always manages to yank at least one off for his chewing pleasure. It gets a lot of laughs from onlookers - one shoe on, one in the mouth.

After her baby took his socks off at a party, I heard a girl say to her husband, "He looks like such a neanderthal without anything on his feet!"

Then I glanced at Carter. Neatly decked out in a little blue polo, plaid shorts, floppy hat ... and bare feet. It made me feel kinda bad.

So I got him some shoes the other day and have been ambivalent about putting them on him when we leave the house. I have to admit, the baby "shoes" make me feel a tad more proud of him.

EDIT (July 15): We went to a baby shoe store last night, and the sales guy told us not to even consider hard-soled shoes until Carrer's a solid walker. So, I guess I'll put my foot in my mouth regarding the whole "cheap plastic baby shoe" rant. Hahaha!

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