Carter's Fall Hat

Last night we did a little shopping for Carter and got him the cutest stinkin' hat for Fall. There's just one problem ... try as I may, I just can't get him to keep it on. I could barely get a picture of it for this post.

Try 1: Kinda funny feeling on my head, get it off.

Try 2: Give him something he's never played with before, so his hands are occupied, and he doesn't think about the hat.
Three seconds later, the bananas are flung to the floor. The hat follows.

Try 3: Look Carter, even Mommy likes to wear your hat!
Good for you, Mom, but not for me.

The onset of a bad mood for the rest of his afternoon.

Daddy gets home to help. Together we coordinate the sting operation. The hat's quickly assembled onto his head, & pop, pop, popping of my camera. Tah-dah:

Along with the hat and a couple long sleeved knit polos for Carter, I picked up a Macintosh Spice Yankee candle. I wish Fall would get here already!

(I told you that bad mood was for the rest of the day)


  1. Macintosh is my ultimate fav year around!

  2. Carter your too cute! I got your button I love your blog, Do you think you could grab mine? Thanks Kristy

  3. The first three tries and then the bad mood picture just make me giggle. What a cutie, even if he hates that awesome hat!

  4. LOL so sweet!

    It's now spring over here and it's my second favourite (after summer) season! So fun!

    I need to get a cute sun hat for Cam although I think I'll have the same issue with keeping it on his head!

  5. Awww at the crying shot, and him flinging the hat!

  6. omg he's so dang cute :) love the pic of him crying...that bottom lip kills me! so adorable :)

  7. Hay, Thanks for the button. Just read raising a good baby, Loved it.

  8. I love your blog and videos!!! you have such a great personality always smiling :-D

    lots of greetings from germany,
    caroline :-*