today I have an eleven month old

The countdown to his first birthday can officially begin! Eleven fun facts about my 11 month old:

1. When we're shopping, he points at everything and quietly calls it a Boosh.

2. Diaper and clothes changes are an all out war

3. He has trouble sitting still in shopping carts.

4. He'll blow a kiss on command. Unless, a lot of people are watching.

5. He has an obsession with closing doors, laptops, cabinets, books and anything else that's closable.

6. When there's food in his mouth, he refuses to allow any other food in until he's completely (and slowly) swallowed that first bite.

7. He loves looking around for strangers and calling out for their attention when we're eating out.

8. When I put him in his crib, he knows it's time to sleep. He rarely cries at bedtime anymore.

9. Balls are bah, books are bah, boats are bah, kitties are tee.

10. When he doesn't want what we're feeding him, he puts his hands over his eyes and ducks his head down.

11. He knows how to turn on an iphone. He'll sit and turn it on and off for an hour.


  1. The beautiful Carter. I love that he turns on the iphone, so funny ;)

  2. Awwww how mush he's growing : )

  3. What a cutie! Mine is 9 months and we are having the same diaper change wars. I wish I could make him understand that having a clean diaper and fresh pajamas is a GOOD thing ;) I'm your newest follower. Found you on Top Baby Blogs. Stop by mine any time...

  4. He looks like such a little boy in that last photo, not a baby. He's growing up fast!

  5. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one battling a diaper change protestor!!! It actually drives me nuts!

    I'd also like to note that you have admirably successfully breastfed a baby for 11 months! Go girl!

  6. Isn't it funny the way they seem to suddenly become defiant with the whole nappy changing thing!.. Loving his big baby blues by the way.