Carter's ninth month

Here's home video footage from Carter's ninth month. While I was making this, I kinda felt like I didn't pull out my video camera enough this past month, but I still managed to get cute footage.
Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this page and pause the music player before you click play.


  1. You must be a goddess. There is no other explanation for the overpowering cuteness you have. Everything from your radiant smile to your big, pretty eyes to your clothes screams "cuddle me." When you were pregnant with Carter, your cuteness grew exponetially as your belly expanded. And your hair...Dios mio, your hair is more beautiful than that of any woman on Earth. It's the most telling sign that you're a goddess among mortals.

    I love you. I'd propose marriage, but you're taken already. How I wish we were together. *passionately kisses on forehead*

  2. LOL, the above comment is a bit random... sweet but random... :-)

    I love your blog!

    I just wanted to check that you're compressing your images to a small size before you upload them? The images just seem to take a LONG time to come up when the page is loading (and I'm on a very fast internet network). Just FYI.


  3. He grows up so fast! It's just crazy I remember when I saw the video of you introducing Carter to the world! So adorable! :) You're awesome keep in touch through your blog we all love it!

  4. This is a true treasure. And you are a talented woman. Thanks for sharing.