Grandma lets me ...

Bang on her piano

Explore her house

Plant sloppy kisses on her cheek

Make a mess in her living room

Clang her pots

Watch sparklers

Play by the pool

Feed the ducks

Carter and I rode the train down to North Carolina last week to visit my mom. The seven hour trip holding a temperamental ten month old was a definite challenge. Any survivers onlookers sharing our train car surely had reports of the hysteria for their friends and family.
On the trip home, I met a really kind woman. I don't even like the word kind, but I'm using it here because nice or sweet just doesn't cut it. She was the type of person whose heart was so pure, you could see it in her eyes. When Carter fell asleep on my lap after hours of crying, she tucked her blanket around him him. Of course, I protested, and she just assured me over and over, I promise it's clean, then proceeded to go back to her seat and curl her knees to her chest, fighting the crisp air condition. When Carter wasn't crying, he stood on the edge of his chair, smiling at her and reaching out his hand.
While I was there, Matt called me with some amazing news (I'll share it with you soon). We stayed busy. Here are a few other pictures from our trip.

Under the wisteria vines

Zoned out in the tub, exhausted from travel

Sitting outside, waiting for his uncle to come over

Uncle Benton making his hat into a cowboy hat

The train ride home. Yo Gabba Gabba. No volume allowed. I couldn't get him to sit; he only fell off the chair once, though.


  1. He is seriously the most beautiful baby! His eyes are soooo gorgeous! and girl, how do you look so awesome after having a baby? You look fab!

  2. Lovely baby!!I love your blog,i have just started reading them.I live in India and I have a 7 month old baby too,such a joy to watch your son:)Sweetest ever!!!

  3. Aww that is just too cute. And that was very kind of that woman : ) Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  4. Suspense is the worse.. Can't wait to hear the good news!! Carter is growing up so much! He is a handsome little guy. Nice pics!!

  5. He is adorable! and you are soooo brave doing such a long trip with a 10 month old! Glad you made it in one piece! Nice images by the way ;o)

  6. i cannot WAIT to hear the good news, meghann! :-) so excited for you!

  7. love the pics :) do you think you would take the train again with carter? i was contemplating taking the train to visit family & it would be a 6 hour train daughter is 9 months...and tips/advice/warnings? oh and can't wait to hear your good news!!

  8. I love the monkey shirt! What a cutie! Great blog! I'm following now. : )


  9. Love the Grandma bit. You should consider making it a little book and give it to her for xmas or Grandparents day!