Today I have a 10 month old

Let's celebrate! I'm happy he's not a year old yet. Technically, I still have a baby. Although the smarter he gets, the more I wonder if I'm dealing with a baby, or some kind of superhuman undercover spy, posing as a baby. Seriously, anyone who learns something before I even have a chance to teach it should be considered suspicious.

Ten fun facts about my ten month old:

1. He dances (bobs his head up and down) every time I sing to him.

2. Last week he got his first case of bad breath. It bummed me out. I always wondered how many teeth it would take until he woke up with dragon breath one day. The answer is six.

3. He will stop whatever he's doing if he hears Yo Gabba Gabba on TV.

4. His daddy can always make him smile.

5. Every time we leave the house, someone comments on the bright blue color of his dazzling eyes.

6. We think we've deciphered that he's right handed. My husband and I are lefties, but we decided to keep him anyway.

7. Watermelon is his pacifer. His happiness. His drug. He'll quietly sit at his highchair and indulge for an hour with a slice, if you let him.

8. He flirts with little girl babies in the shopping cart. He waves and devises grunts that could be easily mistaken for the word Hey!

9. He panics when strangers hold him. Sometimes, when I finally put on makeup after going a week without it, he panics when I hold him, too.

10. He remains unimpressed by swimming pools. I've taken him swimming at least 20 times this summer. Chasing his cats around the living room is much more fun.


  1. Carter is so cute! My baby is 6 months old. He crawl,sit & stand unsupported. He loves walking... and jumps alot!

  2. All of my kids love Yo Gabba Gabba as well. Go Carter! Happy 10 months! :)