sleeping through the night, eating through the day!

Since we started solids seven months ago, Carter seemed to hate everything he was offered. I just assumed he was a super picky eater as I threw away container after container of spoiled, uneaten baby food.

Two weeks ago everything changed. We conquered that highly sought after concept all parents strive for from the minute they leave the hospital. Carter's sleeping through the night (Well, mostly. Sometimes he'll get up once). After eleven months, I truly didn't think we'd ever get there. I'd just accepted that I'd be up nursing every three hours, 24 hours a day until he went to college.

And that's when everything changed ... and I don't just mean that he suddenly eats. Obviously, he eats food during the day now because he's not up eating all night (duh, Meghann!). His attitude is different. He's easier to negotiate with. He's not clingy all day long; he seems to even like playing with his toys by himself. He blows more kisses. It just seems like his brain is functioning better.

Life feels like it's reaching normalcy. I'm not exhausted all day anymore, so the house stays cleaner. It's easier to enforce naps on a schedule. Carter and I are so much happier together with some solid sleep in our pockets.


  1. I was gifted with a baby that started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old. She's 5mtnhs now, I couldn't imagine broken sleep for as long as you did.
    Happy Carter has started, it's nice to sleep.

  2. oh god you are so lucky. finally he is sleeping through the night. Did this just happen or was it something you did? PLease tell me Dylan is 7 months old on saturday and he is still not sleeping, he is up twice a night for his milk. I am so tired I cant function anymore.
    And he is eating everything in sight .. so I am not sure what to do anymore.. xox

  3. makes me feel better... lily slept thru the night almost EVERY night until 4.5 months- she started teething and since then she wakes up anywhere from 2-5 times a night and ALL she wants is "nana" =) so reading this makes me feel like theres hope!! stinks it might not be for another 4 or 5 months but at least its there!! Thanks meg!!