a bike race

Yesterday we went to a party at Matt's friend's house to watch hundreds of bikes race at top speed in laps around the neighborhood. An impressive wind blew at our hair every time they whirled past us.
We came late, opting to miss the homemade roast beef sandwiches, root beer floats and kids' craft table in favor of letting Carter squeeze an extra half an hour into his midmorning nap.
It seemed he was interested in more exciting things than giant groups of colorful, racing bikes, anyway. Like say, other babies. Or bananas. Or blades of green grass.

Matt held a younger woman. Carter actually got jealous and was batting at her with his hand (aka, hitting her. I soo didn't want to use that word in the same sentence as my baby Carter's name). I, on the other hand, L♥VED the sight of my husband holding a little baby again!

We got home four hours later. Since when did this baby become so defiant? He's getting picky about being held ... when, how, why and who all have to be perfectly in sync.


  1. hey meghann! i follow you & carter on youtube as well and i remember you saying how you loved to put hats with ears on carter to make him look like a little animal. i was in baby gap today and they have THE cutest hats with ears!!!they have all different animals, pig, giraffe, cat, zebra... i got one for my 9 m. old daughter and thought of you bc i think you would like one for carter! they are adorable & are perfect for fall!! let me know if u get one:)


  2. I'm from the England and i also bought one of those hat's for my 9m old son. I got him the lion one and he look's so cute in it!!

  3. hi! I follow you on youtube and i love your video's. Just started to follow your blog. I'm a soon to be mommy, and all your video's make me more and more anxious to be a mommy already (: Carter is adorable, congrats on having such a beatiful little boy

  4. Ok, I'll definitely be stopping at Baby Gap to check out those hats!! Thanks for telling me!