This small apartment is slowing Carter down, he's bored with his toys, and I want him surrounded by his favorite thing - other kids. The other day, we took him to Marbles Kids' Museum in downtown Raleigh.

The place was really impressive, it had water play tables, craft zones, an area for kids to dance around, dress up and tons of other stunning themes.

After dodging being knocked over by hundreds of elated, running kids, we found a gated area that looked about Carter's age, filled to the brim, bubbling with wobbly toddlers. Except Carter's not technically toddling yet, so he was bullied by babies bobbling over to him, swiping his toys and victoriously hurrying away with their prize (so much for making friends!).

Aside from watching Carter have a blast, what stood out to me was the other parents. Almost all the parents were sitting on the sidelines, pretending to watch their kids but actually staring into space, looking suicidal and completely zoned out. Some moms zoned in just in time to stop their babies from stealing Carter's toys, but a lot of them never noticed. (One thing I've learned about myself is that I'm a huge advocate for controlling your own child, but I will not interfere with telling someone else's what to do).

My instinct told me they were all there for the same reasons we were, to let their babies play with new toys and burn some energy. But they didn't want to be there. When their babies picked up an orange, plastic thing-y and hit another baby over the head with it, neither baby even learned that weapon was called a carrot.

Call me overbearing (please, go ahead, because I think I am), but I was following Carter around, showing him how to work things, telling him what things were, and making sure he didn't get trampled over. He's my only baby, I'm in the mindset that I've only got one chance to do it all right.

Later that day, I was looking through pictures we took. And gasp. Despite my best efforts, I guess I breathed in some of that zombie parent air.


So, I saw this picture and decided all those people probably weren't essentially hands-off parents. That place really just needs a little huge coffee shop attached to it.


  1. So cute Meghann! I've been watching your videos from the beginning and I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are an inspiration to me regarding the future mother I want to be. It is so lovely to see a couple that struggled with infertility but have come through the other side and have a TRUE appreciation of the miracle of that new life you created! Keep up the good work!


  2. My in-laws live right outside of Raleigh and we took our oldest there a couple months ago. He LOVED it but I agree, there were a lot of moms when we were there who just sad on the sidelines and stared into space. Sad when the mom whos actually playing with her child is like the black sheep! Found your blog through Top Baby Blogs and Im now a follower! Carter has the most ADORABLE big blue eyes!

  3. Bumble is the cutest name! Is that his given name or nick name. Whichever is is adoarble. Those blue eye just make me smile.

  4. My daughter is almost 13 months and I am the exact same way, following her every move when we go to the play area at the mall or to a children's museum, etc. I frequently get asked "Is she your first", I say yes and they always say "I can tell." I guess I should just stare into space like all the others.

  5. I stumbled across your blog the other day, and just had to comment on this post! I work at a Children's Museum in Virginia and so many parents just completely zone out while their kids play, or worse are focused on their ipad/iphone/blackberry/etc. I love the parents who actually play with their children (and ensure they aren't eating the chalk/blocks/etc)!

  6. Actually at Marbles, they sell coffee in the "corner store". :)